Walk Cycle


Hey, guys!

I'm working on a regular walk cycle.

I'd love to get some feedback on what could be improved.

Thanks in advance.<edit>

Last version:


I think the most important thing that needs to be fixed is the fact that there is no up and down motion.

Also, the arms seem very stiff and mechanical, which I think could be fixed by offsetting their keys a little bit. The way they are now they move so that they stay perfectly in balance with the legs, arriving at their most extreme positions at the exact same time that the foot steps down. I know you’re going for a standard walk cycle but even with regular walks, people’s arms have a bit more “swing” to them. Moving the keys over by just a couple frames to make the arms hit their extreme positions slightly after the legs do should make them look a little more natural. Giving a little bit of overlapping action to the hands could help as well.


Yea i agree with what he said above. Its is still pretty stiff and robotic looking. I think that if you added a bit more compression in the torso to it would would soften up quite a bit. By compression i mean to make it look like he doesnt have board for a back. Loosen it up.
Like he said above though up and down movement is key to any walk and, there should be more. Think of the pelvis as sort of a bouncinb ball, just not as extreme. I hope this helps, Fabian


I think its well on its way, but a few tweaks would make it look much better.

I get the impression he’s sorta floating. that the feet arent comming well into contact with the ground. When he’s legs are the farthest apart is when the front heel will hit the ground. when that happens, his leg needs to be completely streight.

Bend the forward leg only when it obsorbes the weight of his body that is catching himslef from falling forward.

after having catching himself is when his arms will begin changing direction. 4 maybe 5 frames roughly after his heel hits the ground.

put a little more drag in those whrists also, when the arm is moving back bend the elbow some more aswell. it’ll make him feel much more natural.

also, wouldnt hurt to get more drag on those feet when their off the ground. raise those knees and get those feet up higher.

hope this helps.
Looking good! :smiley:


Thanks a lot, guys! Your opinions are very worthy and help me a lot. =D

I’m gonna tweak this and I’ll post a new version ASAP.



Never thought it would last so long 'til I post an update to this walkcycle… :sad:

I’d love to get some feedback on this last version:




Looking better, but the down pose is still a little off. You’re moving the body down on the contact (right when the heel touches the ground) which is too early. The down should come a few frames later when the front foot is flat on the ground. This will give the illusion that the front foot has just absorbed the weight of the body. The feet look fine, don’t change them. Just delay the up and down motion of the body for a few frames.


Thanks a lot, bailsp03! =D

I did what you’ve suggested and also tweaked his hands movements. Your opinion helped me a lot to make it look better.

The new one is on this link:



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