Walk Cycle - rough


Hey all. Here is a walk cycle I’ve been working on today. I want to see if I can get any more crits before I start offsetting and working with the arcs. Let loose :slight_smile:




lookin good dude! no real complaints… the hands look like they swing back before they arms do, but thats all offsetting. nothing really i can see wrong with the walk though. just something to play with… when he walks, maybe move his feet out in the middle of taking a step? iono, his feet could use some flavah :smiley: nice walk bro, nice to see ya postin again!


agree with mistasam02 on both points - the hands should swing a tad later and the feet should move outwards a bit.

I’d also try moving the torso forward a bit… he looks a bit like he’s about to fall backwards during the walk. or maybe the hips are moving back and forth a little too much


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