walk cycle, need critiques


hey guys, im getting to the end of my program and for my senior project im doing 3-5 cycle animations and so i did a walk cycle to start off with, planning on doing a jump cycle, some attack cycles and maybe a neutral resting cycle

anyways take a look at this and tell me what u think, i can already spot some of the things that dont look right to me but… i just duno how to fix em… and btw, this is my own rig so ahaha the weights arent the best and i used final rig for rigging… found out some limits with that plugin tried to work around it and this is what i got in the end…and im using maya 8.0 for this so if any of u is pro with animating in maya gimme some pointers on how to make this a better walk…

http://rapidshare.com/files/20400412/Walk02.rar.html (sorry for this i dont have a webhost yet :frowning: )


Alright, lots of good here, lots of problems too.

First, most important in a loop, begining frame and end frame MUST BE THE SAME or so close you can’t see the jump. As it is right now my brain catches the jump and therefore I ignore all other motion.

Second, everything follows archs, such as the arms, as it is right now the right arm starts it’s downward arch, then jolts out to the right for seemingly no reason. This is caused by chest and shoulder rotation, while the chest and shoulder rotaion is good, the arms NEED to follow the basic arch.

Third, (and I really wish you had a frame count for this one) when his right arm is at its height peek, it looks great, but 1 frame after as it comes down the hand is 100% static, as if it is fused at the wrist, a little more of a flop would be nice. The hand does not go higher then in the previouse frame, but should not go much lower either. Sorry if this doesn’t make since, let me know if it doesn’t and I will make an animation demonstrating what I mean.


yeah u might wanan draw a little sketch lol my brain is pretty much dead right now… alot of crap to try to finish in 3 weeks has taken its toll im not sure if ur talkign about the broken elbow joint i was trying to do the “broken joint” technique with this walk

and about the end and start frame im pretty i inputed all the same values for them, my entire walk is 24 frames from 1-25 so when i was playblasting it i did frames 1-24 so it doesnt read the contact position twice i thought it looked smooth just not the head i notice a jerk in the head but i checked the head rotation values and they seem to be the same so im not sure whats causing the jitter but thanks for the comment and yeah if u have time maybe sketch me a little something so i can try to fix this one for my presentation… thanks again :smiley:


Hey, alright, I ported your animation into my animation program and displayed the archs problem, I then copied your animation for the most part to show a smoother look, only spent about an hour on the whole thing so forgive my imprefections, but I’m not pressured for a senior project so yeah ;).


As I hope you can see, your arch is not smooth by any means, it sort of stalls, then JUMPS.


o awesome thanks for this ill go fix that maybe tomorrow lol… too much stuff to do so little time… but thanks for this!


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