Walk animation



I’m submitting this animation as a student, and looking forward to receive critiques from the animators that have also being in my position and can tell if I am on the right track.
I’m going to graduate in about one year. This animation was just a simple 10 steps walk with personality.

All kinds of critiques are more than welcome.



If the guy is tired he will be trying to walk using the least amount of energy,
So try and tone down the shoulders and neck rotations and add a bit to the head rotation (forwards to help with overlap)
Also give the hips more sideways motion.



Thanks YashaP

That’s the same thing I though after watch a few more times, he using too much energy in his shoulders, what seems a bit weird if he is really tired.
The head was a thing that I was having a bit of trouble to get it right, but I think that adding rotation in to it would definitely make it look better.


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