Wake Up Baby!, Olijosman (2D)


Tina. She is young, she is a little crazy, and she has the control .
she is the founder of a group like the people who release the garden dwarves. But she prefers the steam giant robots !!
wake up people!! it is time to change the rules!!

hello again!! this is my last illustration .Completely made with photoshop7 and my dear wacom tablet!!
you can see a greater size in:NIBBLEDPENCIL

And concepts & desings:
I hope that you like!! :slight_smile:


OMG :eek:

This is perfect!!!
I first thought it was 3D, and you posted it wrong, till I read your text.

Such an insane amount of detail!!! :buttrock:
You rock!

I’m ashamed to give critique on such a peace of art :banghead: , but here it goes: It wasn’t completely clear to me that the bot was trashing the building, perhaps some flying fragments would do it justice.

Besides that, beautifuuull!!!
You, my kind sir, are a true artist :arteest:


i think your work is fantastic, you render so well.
Did you use a ref for this, how do you achieve such amazing gradiations, tell me!!!
please :wink:


HOLY HECK! That is great :bounce:


That is incredible, olijosman. I absolutely love the leather glove… you can even see all the detail in the zipper! Wow. The red scarf adds a nice punch of color, and really balances out the piece. Awesome job!



HOLY CRAP!!! PLEASE tell me you used references. Tell me you used references or else…my hope is lost!


that is just utterly perfect. i am amazed at the way her skin looks. wow. wow. …wow! O_O


so out of curiousity how big is the original image and how long did it take you to go from sketch to that?

edit I forgot to add that’s some of the best photoshoping I have ever seen. :thumbsup:


Thank you very much for your commentaries :thumbsup:

Rasper : You are right,in the first sketches I painted pieces flying,but I decided to change it :shrug:

charlie brown and Kwe :I have used real reference of a girl like model.

Phantomstranger : the real sice: 2143+1000 px .how long from the first sketch? it is difficult to value…less of a month,in short whiles and complete days!!:eek:

In days I will put a work in progress and the first designs and concepts.


olijosman… thats a masterpiece… very talented… nice website you have too… the gallery is superb… :slight_smile:


:surprised AMAZING!! that’s great! no comment!:smiley:
congratulation! :thumbsup:


What do you mean WAKE UP?

I must be dreaming, since I just can’t belive this is a real digital work! As long as I look at this work, I won’t belive I’ve waken up, so I don’t see any use trying…

Holy mother of GOD!!!

The girl looks absoultly beyond belife.

I can’t look at the rest of the painting, since I’m still too amazed by the lighting and skin you’ve created for the girl.

It’s truely spectacular!





Amazing! Frontpage material.


FANTASTIC!!! :surprised i love it! ur great at these realistic fantasy painting thingys mr ice cream man! did u haf any reference for the girl?


P.S:beer: May i haf an ice cream?


again and again and again!!!

well congratulations again!!!

i love hal too…:cool:

superb work like always



One more time !!!

Vaya ritmo llevas macho…


Absolutly X-elent!!!:applause:
So “life” in Tina !!! Beautiful… :thumbsup:



You freak me out! No one can paint like that! :surprised



fantastic work man. the girl looks damn nice. amazing details. i like the style of the robot, too. keep it up.