Wait Loss for Cinema 4D - New training available now


As a motion graphics artist, you need to be on top of your game, both creatively and technically. It doesn’t matter how much faster your systems become, creative demands are getting a lot tougher too. Wait Loss for Cinema 4D is not about teaching you the latest trendy technique or fancy feature, this is about working fast and efficiently; knowing which button to push to get the job done right
and on time.

The 350 minutes that comprise this tutorial are spread over 27 chapters, with durations ranging from 3 minutes, up to 35 minutes, affording you fantastic flexibility to do a little or a lot, at any given time. Perhaps a 10 minute chapter while you are waiting for the pasta to boil, or a 4 minute chapter while you are waiting for your egg to boil!?

For more info, please visit the product page where you can view two sample chapters.Here is a complete chapter list, thank you for looking.

Setup - 01 New.c4d
Setup - 02 Preferences
Setup - 03 Layout
Setup - 04 Shortcuts
Attribute Manager
Attribute Manager - Mesh Checking
Axis Centre
Materials - 01 Overview
Materials - 02 Manager
Materials - 04 Layered PSD
Materials - 05 Bevel Deformer
Materials - 06 Parametric Objects
Materials - 07 Gradients
Materials - 08 Texture Tags
Object Manager
Objects - Extrude Hierarchy
Takes - 01 MultiCamera Shot
Takes - 02 Look Development
Timeline - 01 DopeSheet & F-Curves
Timeline - 02 Powerslider
Viewport - 01 Optimising
Viewport - 02 Caching
Viewport - 03 Speed Comparison
Viewport - 04 Proxies with Instances


Looks nice, and I expect it is, given your usual standard.

On a side note, there are more cooking methods available than boiling :wink:


Thank you, we are getting some excellent feedback from our customers, so it looks like the training is going to be popular. I hope it helps people out with hitting those deadlines in time and getting home in time for some quality family time!

Yes, you’re correct, the copy could be improved! I’m going to go change it now. Haha!! Grill, broil, bake, fry, BBQ, it’s making me hungry thinking about it.


use less time in projects?


I’m not sure I understand, is this a question? The training is about working efficiently so you have more time for creativity.

If you have any questions then I’m happy to answer.