Wagon cadwallon 3d remake, Greger Pihl (3D)


Great work! Extremely detailed, funny characters, 5 stars alltogether :applause:


I love it!


work really superb! many compliments :applause:


wonderful image, really enjoyed it. Bravo!


Yeah! Nice work! :smiley:


Simply stunning. Great work.


Very good and funny work!You have a nice style.Congratulation and keep it up!


Thank you so much everyone!!! Im very glad you all enjoy this work. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I never had all 80 million polys in the same scene, thats just all highres zbrush-sculpts counted together. The largest scene I have is 8 million polys which is not that hard for Maya to handle.
griml0ck Thanks buddy. I will see you again very soon! :slight_smile:
Paul4wood Mr Bonner has not seen this no, not that I know of anyway. But im going to contact him if I can :slight_smile:

This can be seen in my WIP thread at zbrushcentral, but I thought I would share it here too.
Its the final sculpts all together i Maya. A render much like this is what I painted on in Photoshop.
Thanks again. Cheers! :beer:


the sculp is exceptionally top notch.!!! :)!! :shrug:

i guess you can play around with the background color ( including the castle)
to make the foreground color more stands out, ( check the original concept)


Badass, I dig Bonner and this is great representation of his character style and design. My only crit is the lighting, it’s not very focused so I find my eye kind of wandering around the scene. If I remember this piece correctly the original was at night, or much darker right? I think that allowed for a more spotlight treatment giving the characters a greater focus.
Anyhow, it’s fantastic work regardless, that’s just my two cents.


very nice work and attention to detail!


Fantastic work man !!


absolutely incredible man! The detail is amazing :applause:


wow… good one


beautiful work :slight_smile:


Being a big fan of Racham miniatures and the Confrontation game. I immediately saw the reference in the main character.

I have the origianal Confrontation Rule Book and I love to go through it occasionally and look at the art even though I no longer play the game.

Outstanding work!!


[left]Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:[b]

Branko[/b] Yeah exacly, the original has more of a rainy day feel. I did that at first too but then the image went in another direction and I kinda liked where it was going so I stayed with it. Its cool I think that it differs from the original that way.

But I agree that the image has some faults regarding lighting and color and I will probably go back and do some additional tweeking soon. Ive got some great feedback since I posted this. I love it, Im learning so much! :slight_smile:

I thought I could post this as well. Some closeups of the faces directly from my zbrush sculpts.
As Ive mentioned earlier the hair and beards is done using paint effects in Maya. It could have been better done, but it works good enough in the final image.

Cya later! :thumbsup:


Already saw it on pixologic site, awesome modeling job :bowdown:


I like it! :cool:


Master work!
Love It:arteest: