Wagon cadwallon 3d remake, Greger Pihl (3D)


Title: Wagon cadwallon 3d remake
Name: Greger Pihl
Country: Sweden
Software: Maya Photoshop ZBrush
Submitted: 18th January 2010

This is a 3d remake of a painting by Paul Bonner Ive been working on for a while. I have learned so much from this.
Check out his work here: www.paulbonner.net

I used Maya for doing base meshes and then sculpted all the details i ZBrush.
When all details where in place the sculpts where polyreduced with decimation master in zbrush, making it possible to import all parts into maya. (the final scene was about 8 million polys, all the sculpts together without reducing is about 80 million)
Grass was added using Paint effects in Maya, the hair and beards as well.
When all things were in place the image was rendered as a grayshaded image with Maya Mental ray. Spec- Reflection- Ambient occlusion- and mask-passes where also rendered.
Finally the image was composed, textured and colorized using Photoshop.

If you want to see more, check out my WIP-thread at ZbrushCentral.


Great work, I like your modeling style. Maybe colors are little weird. Great job!


great Work :slight_smile: it s look like modeling clay


wow paul bonner is awesome and so is your interpretation. Its fun to wander around this image and look at everything thats going on. very cool! :slight_smile:


So much to look at…This is simply am,azing work. I love all aspects. Fun characters.


I would’ve love to see stronger colors but the whole scene is just great :slight_smile:


Theres many small details to see, i like!!

Great work

  • Ty




amazing details and fantastic characters… Great Work


oh my god what is that i see here same movie is very good modeling & amazing textures & detalis

5***** from & i vote 4 u :beer:

good luck 4 ever :wavey:


hi … and wow man thats awsume
i rellly like the detail but i have some q to ask
1st.how long it took u to render 80 milion poly??
2nd.what kind of machine u have to handel a 80 million poly to render??
i relly like the colors u chose.
i rellly love this pic

stay on lol


that’s so awesome … you did a great effort on the details

I like how the scene is telling a story, and has that sense of humor … also, it gets that feel of kids stories

nicely done, thanks for sharing your wip too :slight_smile:



really nice art work, a lot of small detail to see. And nice WIP thread.
great work !!


awesome work!! Love the lighting


Congrats Greger very nice work!! :slight_smile:


very very cool! Liked it on first sight!
You´ve got an overall high quality to your models and textures and the lighting is awesome!
so I give you the traditional “keep it up” :slight_smile:


Awesome work! :thumbsup: Love the attention to detail.


Superb project, the Paul Bonner spirit is intact!
This work remembered something indeed, hum yes…my first White Dwarf.


Wow! I love it!
Not an absolute replica of Paul Bonner’s work but certainly very close and very much respectful of his vision. Has he seen this work?


Greger, you rock my world.