Wage Slave, Michael Dashow (2D)


Title: Wage Slave
Name: Michael Dashow
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

Hi, all! I was assuming everyone had seen this by now, but people are still saying I should submit it to this gallery too so, um, here it is. At least this is a larger version than some people have seen, so there are a lot of details you can pick out now.
This was my entry for the CGTalk Master and Servant Challenge, and proud recipient of an Honourable Mention. Thanks to all who added such helpful insight and input into its creation.


OMG… This is really GREAT!
So interesting composition! And I respect your attention to details.
I do love it!
5 stars!!!


wow very nice;]


Yay! You posted it! One of my favs as you know Michael! Great thread, with this brilliant pic at the end! Humour, attention to detail, and excellent rendering! Love it! :slight_smile:


OH~I very very like this picturelike the colour~despite the monster so ghastfulness~~~~~~:thumbsup: :bounce:


I really love this pic. Awesome work!


you hate your boss, right?

hahaha… cool image:thumbsup:



Love the boss’s suit! Nice job.


Hehe… great work…:thumbsup:




n congrats man


at last you post it . I love this one fantastic clean style … I like it a lot … great attention to details … congratulation:thumbsup:


hehe… HP Lovecraft 4500… heheheh

Thanks for the chuckle!



Did you inspire in the character “Cthulu”?

Good work!



:bounce: :applause:

This, as well as your work at Blizzard are important vittles of popular culture.

Years ago, I wasted an entire summer playing Diablo II. Damn you.

Now I’m reading through Andrew Loomis’s Creative Illustration, and Eye of the Painter plus Mad Muwhatspleenibbles neferious Necronomicon for Nobby Numbskulls, in hopes of putting forth work a mere dribble of what you’ve shown.

Many thanks for the inspiration. :buttrock:


I love how you handled the monster/boss’ pin-striped suit. Great job!


heh nice one, i bet you dont like your boss?


Man that suit …it’s almost like u can feel the cloth…gasp…beautifull :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


that “HP lovecraft” printer is a touch of class :thumbsup:

Love it a lot


LOL!love the “no exit” detail:thumbsup:


Wow, look at all these comments! Good, at least that makes me feel better about posting this: I was thinking it was too self-aggrandizing to do so, but guess folks still hadn’t see in. Thanks for all the comments, everyone!

BlackBastet & Kalebu - thanks!

Posh - Thank you! No less deserving that your great piece, which as you know is one of my faves.

minminxu - Thanks, glad you like the colros. i got some good input from the folks int eh challenge.

basho - thanks!

ducklator - well, not that much, but art is a good place to channel aggression, right? :wink:

tevih, mindrot, jugeras, & abourabe - thank you.

tencendur - glad you liked it. It’s too bad, even at this size you can’t see all the fun details on the left side, like the Dilbert cartoon and the NecronomiCom phone list with “research and devilment,” “Yog-Sothothware Support,” “Infernal Resources…” Okay, maybe it Is a good thing, it might not be all that funny after all. :confused:

arizaga - yes, it was definately influenced by Cthulhu and the other Lovecraft mythos.

ravioli - Ha, that’s nothing compared to the time I spent working on Diablo II, you should play it for a few more years! But seriously, thanks so much for the kind words, i’m really flattered.

teknotek - thanks, I used Photoshop’s path tool to get the pinstripes just so. I may have detailed a bit more in the Challenge thread if you can get through all the pages.

gardan - hey, it’s just a picture, don’t get me in trouble here! I lok nothing like that, either of them!

dimitris, zakkos, & gonzalo - thank you so much, glad you like all the details.

Thanks again everyone!