Wacoms and hand's sweat, how you deal with it?


Hi everybody

I’ve Intuos3 A6 Wide at home and A4 at work, and frankly, it’s very uncomfortable to use them in a hot season, when your hands sweating and so there are a lot of friction. Am I the only one in this weird situation? What do you do in this situation (besides washing your hands every 5 min)?
I was looking for some solution in “extreme gaming” area and I’ve found this: STEEL GAMING GLOVE.
It isn’t designed for tablet users in particular, but since it’s purpose is to reduce friction between your hand and the surface, it should work?!


Can’t say i’ve ever experienced a wacom hand-sweat issue. It just sounds like you need some air conditioning.

  1. Get Intuos2 :). It has better surface which avoid much of friction you have when using this glassy cover in Intuos3, and whole tablet is thiner and pen is more flexible than successor yey…
    2. …or wear some material on your hand.


My hands don’t sweat, so if there is sweat on my hands it’s from somewhere higher and it just rolled down. Basically just wear one of the puffy bracelets to soak it up before it gets there, I use them for playing guitar where it’s hot… But yeah I can’t say I’ve ever gotten sweaty while drawing lol…


Yeah, i sometimes get this itthue during the summer months. Best fix = small desk fan aimed at your intuous hand. Evaporate and cool!


Instead of buying some expensive “gaming glove,” you could probably just cut the fingers off of a cheap, thin cloth glove and wear that…


Here’s another product that may prove helpful.



Well had the same problems coz of the new glossy surface of Intouse 3 and in these hot summer days :shrug:…well main issue was bad friction that affects drawin too much. Soo i found cheap thin cotton gloves primary for cleanin dust (around 1eur) in supermarket nearby. And not only its gettin normal again but even better coz friction is lower than before aand tablet stays clean all the time :wink: . For me, it worked out


Good to know I’m not the only one. :smiley:

Thanks for advises guys, I’m going to look for some of them. :slight_smile:


I remember seeing a video of the Blur guys working and someone had a white glove on when using the Wacom. I’ve always wondered what it was for…


I tend to get sweat sometimes. I wash hands occasionally and even rinse my pen (VERY CAREFULLY!). Maybe some talcom powder might work.

When you say white glove do you mean a rubber one or a cloth one. if its rubber, then wouldn’t that hinder you hand movement if its gliding over the tablet and causing friction there too?


I use paper masking tape…it creates a different kind of friction which I prefer…also soaks up sweat so you have to change it every so often!


I’ve done some research and it seems that SmudgeGuard isn’t a bad solution after all, and not so expensive.


And if you need to know you hand’s size in order to buy that glove, see here:


I think I’m gonna order it considering that international shipping is pretty cheap (glove+shipping=12.56$).

Thanks for mentioned this product


Why not just use a tissue paper or handkerchief between your hand and the tablet?


sounds like a job for UnderArmor


They make great stuff for wicking away the sweat. Maybe cut the fingers out or something.


I suffer from hand friction on the Intuos3 too. I have hot little hands and the rubbing is really irritating, plus it’s hard to do nice smooth strokes if your hand is sticking.

Solution: I just got an old glove and chopped the fingers off (leaving the pinky finger one a bit longer to cover the second knuckle). Cut out the palm bit for more ventilation.


Judging by your avatar I am sure you do! :love:


It’s the devil in me… heh heh :wink:


I don’t have this problem, but a friend of mine does and he uses a folded tissue under his hand. He says his hand sweats less and it glides across the tablet better.



Man, I thought I was just being weird to complain about this issue. I have the same problem. I have a little ergo bead wrist support bean bag guy that was left over from the mouse- since i no longer use a mouse at all preferring the wacom (intuos3) i just wrap the ergo beads on the corner where i rest my hand.

I had thought of getting a strip of cloth and Velcro-ing it on the pad as well.

If it weren’t for the xp64 serial driver issues, and the touch strip, I think I’d stick with my old wacom intuos1… never had problems sticking to it.