wacom 4d mouse



I was wondering what you guys thought about the wacom mouse; I know about their 1028 degrees of Pressure on the wacom Intuos 2 (which is what I’m getting) but I don’t know if the mouse will be useful;

at present my options are :

12 x 12 INTUOS 2


9x 12 INTUOS 2 with the 4d mouse.

Could someone who’s used the mouse comment on the difference between this mouse and a normal one?



i don’t think i’ll be of much help, but anyways. Of all the people i know who own a wacom, not one of them uses the mouse… everybody including me just uses the pen.
(i hope this thread get some more responsives, beacuse i would like to know 2)

Good luck buying a wacom



thanks for the response. No one else uses the mouse? :smiley: :open_mouth:


i dont use the mouse…is better for me using other optic mouse…i just dont feel good using the one that comes with the tablet…maybe is just matter of get used to:wise:


I don’t use the mouse either. I only use the pen.


The 4d mouse has been gathering dust for about four years, I’ve only tested it once. The problem is that you have to lift it quite high to move your mouse and not the cursor (when you reach the end of the tablet and you still need to move your cursor).


only advantage to the 4d mouse is the higher accuracy. my mouse isn’t gathering dust… but thats because i keep it in its orriginal box:shrug:


I tryied really hard to use it at first (on my first wacom) because it was the only thing with so many buttons and so well configurable at the times, then I gave up.
I tryied even harder recently on a newer wacom, then I gave up.

they could very well stop bundling it with the tablet and cut 5$ off the price, it’s not worth more then that from an ergonomic point of view :slight_smile:


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