Waaay O.T.- SETI@Home


I recently got around to upgrading (more like replacing) my ancient 600MHz behemoth desktop.

I now have a P4 2.8 GHz w/ 1 GB DDR400 RAM (adding another 512MB in a couple of weeks) and it screams for my needs. One example in performance is SETI. For those that don’t know SETI is an organization that continuously searches for extraterrestial intelligence. And we as home computer users can contribute by having our systems number crunch the raw audio signals from space to find E.T., ALF, or worse.

Previously, my PIII would turn over data on average every 18 hours, running 24/7. Now, data gets churned out every 2-3 hours! We’ll be making contact in no time at this rate.

Any CGTalk members running SETI? Maybe we should form a CGTalk group for SETI?


the novelty wore off after a few weeks


a version of seti sort of …how do you think i found your planet.
… i am also transmitting …see if you can find me.

strongest peak thurs [nov.27-2003 unit ] popped at "2147.98 "
no gaussian,pulse or triplet numbers came up. weird.
…dont know if this was a glitch or a test signal insert.or real.
i can email a screenshot.
have banked 2184 hrs as of today.


I’ve been running SETI@Home for about 1521 hours on a P2 2.8 with a gig of RAM:)


Screw aliens. They should have RenderFarms@Home. :smiley:


I’ve always thought that would kick ass. Bittorent for renders.


hmm yes, me likee:D:D


I do Folding at Home which is the same except working on the cure for Cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and many other diseases i find it more neccassarry than finding little green men


good point.
i will run both.
…cause maybe the green guys have the cure for Cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons ,energy
,famine,to name a couple…then we can free up all those other supercluster cpu power
for some really kickass weapons research…and some rendering of course.




Also, folding@home has actually yielded results.


Awesome…thanks for the folding@home idea. Now that’s something I don’t mind donating my CPU power to.



Just started a new cgtalk folding@home team.

Team number: 38893


I’m on board! Any other takers?

by the way, I think we should help those guys out by creating a better-looking visualization…:wink:


Interesting, I don’t think Folding and SETI get along too well…I had them both running at once, and FOlding was saying it would complete the work unit on March 5th 2005. As soon as I shut down SETI, it said later today:p


the screen saver version of the folding client isnt as efficient the one where you dont see it at all is the best


I never heard of ‘folding at home’. Sounds equally as worthy so I’ll give it a try as well.

Besides, what if the “little green men” we discover have Cancer, Alzheimers, and/or Parkinsons? Then we can share the cure with them, too! :wink:


SETI is a program managed by the University of Berkley and Folding at home is run by Stanford, if you want to install it in one click use thisdownload for single processors and this one for dual processors or a computer with hyper threading these are great for thumb drives if you ever want to go on a mass installing spree which people call borging


…got folding at home set up…will split the time evenly between both …seems fair.
maybe the little green guys don’t have distributed computing…we can share that too.


sorry for being a total noob on this topic, but can someone explain me how exactly are we helping seti and follding with our computer power?..