W3D Model Viewer v.2 (ShockWave3D)


I have started redoing the W3D viewer now. It will eventually be both an object viewer as well as a architectural walkthrough app. No programming on your part needed, just export to W3D and you are set.

New features:

  • Scalable window, you can stretch the window borders as well as maximize/minimize it.
  • Click anywhere inside the 3D view with left mouse button to rotate (all directions).
  • Click anywhere inside the 3D view with right mouse button to zoom (up/down).
  • Click anywhere inside the 3D view with both mouse buttons to move (all directions).
  • All textures are set to 24 bit instead of 16 (no alpha support, but will be fixed at a later stage).
  • Toggle between Y and Z as the up axis.

Coming features:

  • Configuration of the application through an external settings (XML) file, change texture settings as well as eventual unit settings (for walk speed and such).
  • A web version.

Current version is available here:
W3D Viewer v.2


Nice, really nice… I liked the first version a lot already and this looks so much better… Altho Im eagerly waiting for the web version, so hopefully you have time to develop this…
Just wanted to say thanks for doing this…


is there a version of this for a mac? it would reasonably speed our production up as i have to check the shockwave files on a seperate computer using director at the mo. cheers :slight_smile:


I have been trying to make the publishing to Mac OSX work, but it just wont work. I might be doing something wrong, but I am working on the web version at the moment, and that will work on MacOS too of course. I am experimenting with creating a file requester using the Browse feature found in html forms, and then send that string into the ShockWave player. If not, you just place your w3d file next to the html and dcr file and open the html document in a browser with ShockWave player installed.


I have downloaded the viewer but there are no files to view with it. Did I miss something?

I made my first Quicktime VR the other day and nothing except the Quicktime viewer can even see that the files exist on my hard-drive. They are called, like, test01.mov but nothing will see them including your viewer. Is this normal?


Its only a ShockWave3D viewer .W3D format. Quicktime has a player for its own format, but there is no standard ShockWave3D model viewer, that is why I am making this thing.

Stay tuned for web-version.


Here is a little sneak peak of the web version. I hope to get it ready within a few days:

It will only use the left mouse button, so our Mac buddies can use it too.


it would be really cool to show off models on a webpage like this.

thanks for yer efforts


Very cool, petterms. Your first viewer was very useful for shockwave development.


I have finished a basic version of the web-viewer where you can open up a local file and view it in the ShockWave window. There is some ShockWave <-> JavaScript going on, so it might not work in all browsers. Anyone who can’t make it work, please tell me what operating system and browser you are using (name / version).

IMPORTANT: Due to security reasons, the ShockWave player, only allows access to local files if they reside inside a folder named dswMedia
[size=2][color=white]Place your .w3d files inside a folder named dswMedia (anywhere on your harddrive), and opening them in the w3d viewer should work just fine.[/color][/size]


So far you can only rotate the scene, more features and goodies coming up.


Should this work on a mac then? Dont know if i missed something but i cant seem to work it on my machine ive tried internet explorer and safari on my G4. I placed the w3d file inside a folder named dswMedia. keep up the good work. you dont know how much time this could save me. :applause:



the web based version is working quite fine with IE6. but it´s not working with mozilla 1.7 oder firefox 0.9.2! after choosing the .w3d file in …\dswMedia, firefox often crashes. if not its tranfering somthing from the viewer endlessly and it never stops. the same with mozilla.

beside of this it´s working great (local viewer and IE)

keep on going



I have been doing some research, and so far it seems like the bit of code I used to send information into ShockWave, EvalScript, only is supported on MacOS 8.x-9.x in Netscape 4.0.1 - 4.77

I think I will make a solution that always opens a given W3D file each time. Say you call the file “scene.w3d” and place the viewer next to it, and then open the viewer to see that file. This way you wont have to place the file inside a dswMedia folder either, and it will be very simple to publish online

What do you guys think of that solution, good enough?


that would be kool for me



Download this web-version from here:

Inside the index.html document this is the default setup for a W3D with name “scene.w3d” and Y as its up axis:

<param name=sw2 value="scene.w3d">
<param name=sw3 value="yIsUpAxis">
<EMBED sw2="scene.w3d"

Similarily this is the default setup for a W3D with Z as its up axis:

<param name=sw2 value="zscene.w3d">
<param name=sw3 value="zIsUpAxis">
<EMBED sw2="zscene.w3d"

In other words, you can use any filename you want to.


Unfortunately, on OSX/Safari, the web version offsets up quite a bit, cutting off all the buttons and your logo, and leaving a great big black space beneath.

The previous one with the LW look worked great, maybe you could go back to that source…?


Can you take a look at the current one?

Still the same problem? Personally I have an iMac with OSX 10.1, and whenever I export a projector (executable application) to that one, I get errors when launching the viewer. I dont understand it. And I cant get the ShockWave player installed on it either. Error error error…

If the new version has the same problem, I will create one that does not resize in the same way as it currently does (use fixed size instead).

Could all you Mac guys try out this one:


Place a W3D file next to the program with the name “scene.w3d”, and run the application and see if it works.



This is really great. I was looking into using shockwave again for my site. But i really wasn’t looking forward to the issues of makeing a nice rotating viewer with it. Thanks!


This newest one doesn’t cut off like the other. The left hand material is all clearly visable. The buttons are invisible on this one, though. They seem to be there, I can roll over them to get the pointer and they do work, but I can’t see them.

When I have more time, I’ll give the projector a shot as well.


Here’s what it looks like in Safari. It seems to work fine in Explorer, just dog slow.