W.I.P Witch doctor by lightrig


first of all i am looking forward to the new Mari challenge. The last one was so much fun learned a lot and had so much fun learned so much from my fellow artist so best of luck to every one .

first thing first such a beautiful model i wont have much time on this one because of my work schedule but then this is were Mari is such a joy to work with cuts down time and i can just focus on texturing

so first up is the primary research as soon as i saw the model it reminded me so much of mel gibson Apocalypto such a nice movie

here are my reference sheets

well one thing i noticed in the Mayang and azetec culture is colours on the body plays imp role to distinguished the noble from the solders well our witch docter in my image is among the highest so thats going to be imp things to observe plus a lots of tattoos and signs and also lots of body pearcing

environment reference

first quick previz and composition I going to focus my image on the witch doctor performing
a sacrifice . i personal believe its a tough movement to deal with as artist well I try to get it right within the confines of keeping blood to the minimum but it a tricky subject to deal with

first things build the environment and start texturing the character best of luck every one have fun :thumbsup:


base texturing of skin
stages to the base skin


Great work Ashish, thanks for taking so much time to explain your thought process, the skin variation is really nice.

Can’t wait to see the next stages!


thanks Tom always a pleasure love this effort of foundry helps artist to take there work to the next level and i just enjoy learning from some of the talented artist who visit here back to :arteest:

a little more deatils just colour and slight bump to test things out


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