W.I.P. conceptcar and shading


i started a new modeling… and here is the first shading-test
the model is not finished —> all work in progress
i’m trying to get a real good “car” or Chrom-shader…any ideas ?
c&c welcome…



btw. it’s not easy without hard edges…for the car…
the displacment on the exhaust are dummy…


I was just cruising by and saw your W.I.P. Can’t help you with the shader part, but I do have another suggestion. Having a completely reflective object inside a white box will only reflect white. Turning up the reflection percentage will not improve things. Instead, try putting your car inside a box or hemisphere that has an interesting background image mapped to it. (Interesting sunsets, etc.) I think your basic shader might be fine as it is. You may just need something more interesting to reflect in the first place. :slight_smile:


Lookin kew!

In M:S 2 there’s a couple of car shaders in there (just hit f5 in the render panel to see all the materials), but if I’m wrong about them including those materials you can grab the one I did a while back here, http://www.bubba-x.com/learn.asp. Just grab the mrm file. This should help guide you.



oh i see…works fine!..maybe i posted later new pics…


strange thing…i add a displacment to the wheel …one surfce with uv-texture on bump for displacing…

    why is this orange ?.......

the displacment affects the complett object ! the wheel is one object …if i had a complet car.object—> the polygons are blow away…
it possible to displace individually surfaces ?


Off the top of my head, I haven’t got a clue as to why it’s orange. Have you tried a different displacement map?


here is a little update…


Much better now. You might try playing with the Gradient&Fresnel node and camera angles for, I don’t know, specularity and reflection. Something like that.


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