W.I.P. Character: CrushTest Dummy


Hi All!
A want to model hi detailed CrasTest Dummy for some video project. :wink:

Please do comments. )


looks good as far as i can see. i would however beat him up a little since he is a crash test dummy



Complite model:

Oh… It was a difficult to create Shoulder joint and Elbow join…
Couse Biped Shoulder joint have a 3 dimmention freedom and Elbow join have a 2 dimmention freedom… But mechanics must separate this… So you can see its below

And test Render, still without materials. Just for fun.


Wow! Nice work!!


the last renders looks great :slight_smile: nice work :thumbsup:


One more test render. Back side. :wink:

Preparing for texturing. )
UVW Unwrap:


Rubber test:


Can’t wait to see the final textured version! Color me impressed!



I paint textures, but i dont like how its looks… its allmost invisible. (
Need to more contrast and dirt…
But now i dont have a time for it.
This dummy just a main character it Short demo real of studio where ai work now.
And now we need to rebild BMW7 couse we cant find car with good detalised interior.
If you want I can show and other parts of this project. (anhar, car)
But now some another render.


maybe its a new crash test dummy :wink:
If you do plan on messing him up,maybe make an extremely worn version of him I think that would be pretty sweet.
Right now it looks pretty cool,do the rubber joints squash and stretch?


that is really cool! You know dude that if you open up the ragdoll script and put him in havok since you have MAX then he would be a true crash test dummy. Like i mean just put him in the front seet of a car and roll the physics lol. Just me tho im addicted to physics.
Nice Job tho, Its really good


Thanks all for comments. )
Sorry for waiting.
Yes, I want to create RigidDoll phisyque model for CrashTest, but its not primary.
This character will be uset for 30 sec ShowReal of ours studio.
Us a tree 3d artists who works on this project: Me(Shiva), MadMax and Ceasar.

But This character created by myself:

I show you what we do together but i think it will be little offtopik )


men great work! luving it


men great work!!

loving it…


Wonderful model. I love the “Looking up” camera shot, nice touch.



I like where this model is going. The scuffed up textures look good and add some foundation to the reallism for me of this work. I am looking forward to seeing more updates and the final film.


can i ask you what your lighting setup is in the shots where it’s sitting on the box? really nice.


We remodeled Car (BMV7) from low poly to hi poly for our project… Yes OUR project. Im joined to ‘Cat-a-pult’ team as a lead-artist and now 3 peoples(me includet) work on this DemoReal.

This door remodeled by Caesar and finished by me.


Car interior allmost completely remodeled by me.


Test render: