vue xstream6 and maya 8.5


so i have been looking everywhere for the vuesynch plugin for maya 8.5… or even for anything above 6.5… and cant find it… if anyone knows where i could find this or if it exists it would be much appreciated!
thanks much…


Mine only has plugins upto 6.5 wich is really messed up because version 5 trial supported Maya 7

I have emailed them and gotten no response at all. Other than the automated one. if I have not heard something back soon I’m getting my money back.


You have to use V6X_PluginsInstaller.exe

unfortunately it seems to only have the maya 8 plugin in the installer and the maya 8 plugin does not work in 8.5:cry:


Yeah that is one of the biggest issues I have with maya is the fact that every damn time they chage something it breaks all code and all plugins. and by the time developers fix it a new version of maya comes out.


so i have been looking everywhere for the vuesynch plugin for maya 8.5… or even for anything above 6.5… and cant find it…

if you cant find at the official dealler at
no one will provide…

You must contact the official seller :wink:


I also wrote to e-on, but did not get an automated letter. The gist? They’re working on it.

“Indeed, Autodesk changed some of the development stuff between maya 8 and 8.5, so xstream is currently not working in 8.5.
Our dev team is working on this as I write, so it should bae available soon.”

Full transcript can be found here:

You have to remember 8.5 was released about a week ago. (16th according to Give the poor programmers some slack =)


seriously, why hasnt e-on got out the 8.5 update
this is getting a bit ridiculous


dissapointed… with vue 6 integration in max 9, lot of bug… no feed back…, gismo some time disappare, FG calculation take long2 time to render…


Junz how much rendertime does it add?


… if someone can explain how they actually got vuesync to work with Maya 6.5. I tried vuesync with 6.5 and vue5 infinite and it says there is new sync data but it appears to do nothing.

So here is the little trick. If you save your Maya file as a .ma file, and then open it in notepad, you can change the version number of the scene to an earlier version of Maya. Just change “8.0” for example to “6.5” It should appear in about 4 places at the start of the text file. Now you can open your scene in Maya 6.5 and try to use vuesync. The only issue is that it appears that your camera cannot use plateaued curves so you will have to adjust your curves to spline or clamped, or even just bake out the camera animation and use linear interpolation.

This is an inelegant method to get the camera data in to maya 6.5, but at least if you only have vuesync up to version 6.5 of maya you can use this workaround. That being said, while it seems like it does something, I don’t get any camera data in vue5. So if someone can explain what I need to do on that end, that would be great!


xStream users, please note: because of an incompatibility between Maya and Visual Studio SP1, the final release version of Vue 6 xStream does not include support for Maya 8 64bit and Maya 8.5. Autodesk acknowledged this issue and are currently fixing the problem.
Support for these platforms will be available within a future software update at no additional cost.



it’s take about a day to render 1000px x 1000px car scene image with spectral atmosfer…
i’m setting the FG to draft… :banghead:


yeah vue is about the slowest renderer on the planet.


Oh damn, serious? I was hoping to use vue to handle vegetation in archviz walkthroughs. What do you guys think the added rendertime would be for xstream full 3D trees over just tree billboards? Or rather, Vray proxy objects for trees vs xstream.

@Junz, have you tried using it with a high radius, low sample quality yet? Try the FG automatic mode set to 50 accuracy, .1 sample density and 100 interpolation.


well how many computers you got? you get 5 rendercow licenses. and you can buy more for $99 per system.

that is about the only thing that make vue usable in a production enviroment.

personally I’m furstrated with having to use maya 7 when I need xstream. I Really wish They would stop breaking every damn plugin with every release of maya.


I got 8 PC’s set up with mental ray satellite. Does xstream even work with satellite?


it should but that only helps render the maya objects the resto of the scene renders on the vue renderer. for you need to take some nodes and setup the rendercows.

vue comes with 5 of them


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