Vue Xstream & 3ds Max 2016 Camera Sync


I’ve been googling this for days all I can find are old posts about ancient versions of Vue & a Sync plugin!?..
I want to import 3ds Max camera data into Vue so that whatever I animate in Max, it will be all seamless once all is rendered and imported in After Effects for compositing. There doesn’t seem to be any new tutorials or someone with a similar problem!?..
I’ve tried aligning a Vue camera with a Max camera (using the Vue plugin for Max), and then linking the two cameras together, I export the animation through the plugin menu, import it through the standalone version of Vue but from what I can tell it hasn’t imported the data!?
Am I missing something or going about it the wrong way??

Please help!!!


Anyone… anyone?..
I’ve found an alternative using Terragen as easily imports via .fbx … But it don’t seem to generate coastal foam like Vue does, at least from my attempts… May need to generate that in post…

Still interested using Vue so please reply if anyone might know the solution.


Have you tried the FBX import into Vue?

And why do you not use xStream inside of Max? There you combine the Vue elements with the Max parts in one scene.


(And why do you not use xStream inside of Max?) I have been 'attempting to use the xStream plugin for Max during these tests…

Ok I managed to import the camera animation to standalone Vue via the “Open Scene in Standalone Vue” from Max… but I have another problem now :)…

Inside Max I have my Vue camera linked to ‘dummy01’ which is locked to spline path constraint (wiggly line just to see camera moving/animating in Vue standalone). Also on the same spline path constraint, is 'dummy02 which is just a couple of frames ahead of dummy01 for the camera target as I require a ‘Target’ camera & not ‘Free’…

By default Vue uses a Free camera & if i change it to Target, it only reverts back to Free once I open it in standalone Vue or save the Max file!?..
Is there no support for ‘Target’ cameras in Vue Xstream & Standalone or am I once again doing something wrong??

Any replies greatly appreciated as I sooo want to overcome this & create an awesome scene!!!


I still do not understand why you do not do the whole thing in Max - with the camera there and the animation there. And only add the Vue elements to this scene - xStream is made exactly for that.


To be honest I thought the plugin was designed for the other way round!?.. Import Vue scene into Max, add animation, export back to Vue & render… also assumed that Max could not replicate Vue environment effect accurately unless adjusted manually (potentially tedious)… I’m also assuming I’m way off the mark with this theory of mine!? :wink:


See it this way. Start Max. You need an atmosphere? Load a Vue atmosphere from the xStream menu. You need an ecosystem? Load it from the xStream menu, either onto a Max object (if you use Vue 2016 latest versions), or you simply paint it into the Max scene from the xStream menu. You need a Vue terrain, add it from the xStream menu. And so on, and so on.

This is how xStream is meant to work. The only “difficulty” can be rendering because Vue does not support all render engines inside the host application. So, for example, Arnold is not supported yet.


Will give it go then… Cheers for the help!!!