Vue Tutorials Thread


Please post links to good Vue tutorials and resources here.


Lots of good tutorials at Geekatplay.


Good initiative - a few that I have found besides geek at play…: - Vue Siggraph 09 presentations (classes)…



LVS Online has three classes on Vue.




A couple of new tutorials in my Quadspinner training series are now available on the official e-on site:

The first is an introduction to my HyperTerrains technique, and the other is Vue 8 specific - the new Strata Filters for creating stratified terrains.



This tutorial provides extensive training on e-on Vue 7 xStream and Autodesk Maya 2009 integration. We will start off by first creating the environment inside of Vue taking advantage of its ability to create and render natural and realistic 3d environments and efficiently handling huge scenes with millions of polygons. Maya would be used for the job of animation and rendering overcoming the problems experienced during the not so seamless integration between the two softwares. This training kit also covers Maya dynamics to create exhaust flames, jet and missile trails etc that will be rendered out separately. The final render would then be imported inside of after effects for some tweaking and composting the different layers together to produce the final result as you can see.


When I was working in Hollywood, I once had to recreate, in Vue, the shooting location from the plates shot on location in a forest in Bulgaria. I turned the process by which I achieved that realistic EcoSystem into a training video that might be of great benefit.

Check it out here:


Many various tutorials on imports, lighting, render settings etc on my site :slight_smile:


Create a Beautiful Epic Mountain Sunset in e-on Vue

see my work @


New Vue Training!

Landscape & Material Design


Not exactly a Vue tutorial, but I am holding a Master Class in Los Angeles aimed especially at VFX professionals, matte painters, and Vue artists.

Check out the trailer created entirely in Vue without any post-processing.

Would love for anyone in the area to join us.


The demo looked cool. Any tips on getting rid of at the noise in some of the renders. I cant seem to get rid of it either in my animations.


Use Vue 10 Infinite to build game maps for Total Annihilation.


New Vue training from asileFX. This product includes a variety of project based training lessons and technical overviews of Vue 10.5’s new features.



Now available from asileFX, What’s New in Vue 11 Infinite / xStream


Use Vue 9.5 or 10 Infinite to make a terraformed Mars.


New Release!


See some screenshots from the latest asileFX training here.


Photometric exposure & lighting techniques | Cloud color to density scale function | Photometric matte projection | Unscaled UV texture maps | Accurate cloud Z-Depth | Animating flowing rivers along splines