Vue Pro Studio 6


So yeah this is an old version of Vue.
I bought it back in 2007 and to be honest did not get my monies worth, but that’s on me.

Anyway i kept my SN and installers plus extras and am looking at a personal project right now where i could really use the Terrain creator/editor and Material Editor, and Render.

I can install the program on my Win10 machine, but it doesn’t detect my video card and crashes before i can do much.
A couple times i got into create Terrain and mess around but then it crashes.
Or i get in and generate a random terrain, try to move Main Camera and crash.

A few times i’ve been able to get into the File menu options i think to try and change to Software rendering and Wireframe but it just keeps crashing.

Tried running the exe in Compatibility mode for WinXP Sp3, but it’s the same.
My video card is: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
Event Viewer reports: Faulting module name: OPENGL32.dll,

Unable to open a support ticket with e-onsoftware obviously since this no longer a supported product.

So with a shot in the dark i’m posting here and maybe on other forums (if anybody can suggest one) to see if anybody has some magic fix.