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Hey all,

Going to try my hand at matching some Vue elements to actual photos, i.e. holes in the ground, cliffs where they should not be, trees etc etc. I have read various camera matching tuts for 3d apps, but what it I just have a stock photo that I want to match up the angle with a camera in vue. Does anyone have any tips on how I can do that so when I render out the elements and chuck it all in Photoshop the angles are basically the same for the comp?

Thanks, any suggestions or tut links would be really helpful.



Does anyone have any ideas about this. I have quite a random array of stock from all different angles and just want to find a way of consistently matching the view camera with the angle of the pic.


As far as I know vue don’t support bitmap on viewport for you to model from. However I suggest you do it in maya/max. Use photoshop to create displacement map for mountains cliffs and all that. It’s a time consuming way but it’s alot easier to get it the way you want it.

Again my knowlege in vue is terribly limited.


You can add your photo as a backdrop which you should be able to line up with from there. Just remember when you render, to hide from render the photo. Backdrops are mentioned in the manual that comes with the program.


See, no knowledge xD


ok thanks I will check it out. I was going through the manual and web looking for camera synchronisation techniques and the like - my idea of the solution was off kilter.

Thanks, for the backdrop suggestion.



well, you certainly can match move a video =P

here’s my “rough” 2010 Show Reel (still under construction),

The first scene is my matchmoving scene done in boujou, used vue for vegetation, modeling and previs in maya

Jeffrey Linis - Matchmoving in Boujou , Vue, and Maya


so did you build a proxy object for the vegetation that matched the way the cliff was structured - just thinking on how you got the vegetation to cover the faces of the rocks.


yah, the proxy mesh was generated via tracking points in boujou… then imported into vue… this shot actually took me almost a month or so to do with trial and error, and just learning the matchmoving pipeline in general from scrath was hard enough lol.

but one good hint that i’ll tell yah is previs that shot before actually matchmoving, you’ll save yourself hours of work. In your original clean plate, bring that video into photoshop’s video animation editing thingy… scrub through til you see a main/key that you really think is money and save that frame out and start painting away your concepts. I only say this because this keyframe is going to be VERY important, because you’ll be adding maxed out tracking points and camera solves for that particular time frame, and this can take a very long time. I only say this because with maxed out tracking points and camera solve data, the more accurate your mesh will when you start painting your ecosystem on it. I"m actually in the process of making the matchmoving pipeline with vue… should be out in a few weeks



ah boujou created the mesh object, now that is handy - Boujou would be a nice to have then.

Any idea if any freebie tracking apps do that, highly doubtful but you never know what is out and about.


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