Vue 7 xStream | Infinite - Coming Soon - Animations and Renders


if they fixed xstream so MR actually renders somewhat efficiently then who cares about normal mapping… right now mental ray is obscenely slow. advanced renderer works fine though but its not as strong of an engine :frowning:


I read somewhere that the vray rendering engine is also being incorporated or able to use with Vue 7 has anybody else heard this…?? Be good for C4d if it is though…



nah… if you know what you’re doing you can tweak MR to work more efficiently. It’s not a one-click renderer.


In the latest email i recieved all they stated was the support for the trees natively on the user application. Hmm still watching for more information.


The rumor about V-Ray was in 3D World, so maybe there’s some basis in fact. If TrueSpace can use a low cost version of V-Ray ($299 though I believe it’s missing some things), Vue could maybe as well.


o rly? i spent weeks and weeks doing test renders and found that when using xstream in conjunction with it – its performance was unbelievable poor.


The Wait is finally over!!!


Rendered in Vue 7


how’s the anti-aliasing with foliage animations?


“o rly?” <-- five years old?

You probably need to read the docs and figure out the basics of MR, before you start trying to use it in conjunction with another app like Vue. Again, it’s not a one-click renderer.


the anti aliasing has improved.


(Mr. Burns voice) Excellent.


Solomon, that sub looks good but could you explain what is different in the render compared to Vue 6?

Do you know if the “Flickering” has been fixed at all? And I am also wondering if the DOF or the rendering of shadows has been fixed.

Would like to see any renders in any of these areas if possible!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Was the sub modeled in Vue?


Was that sub modeled within Vue?


why don’t you give it a try before you start harping on me? i have no problem with either engines separate. its when you combine them they work piss poor.


Have you found Vue Infinite (in stand alone) to be fast?


tweaking the base settings from the from the lima sunrise atmosphere – i got very realistic renderings at under 20 minutes a frame… the only thing that kills my speed is reflections. i don’t have a powerful computer… but i know that using a small render farm i could render at 1 minute a frame. thats with vue 6.6. i spoke with them at customer service deciding whether i’d upgrade and they told me that vue 7 renders a helluva a lot faster.

they changed the educational license to one year subscription and i don’t have 1200 to fork over for the new version so i think i’m pretty stuck right now on vue 6. but, since vue 7 integrates with the MR natural sunlight i’m pretty excited to give the PLE version a try when its out.


Hi film842,

no, it was imported from 3DS Max as a VOB


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