Vue 7 xStream | Infinite - Coming Soon - Animations and Renders


Hi Guys,

not sure if any of you have been keeping an ear to the ground. E-onsoftware will be previewing Vue 7 at Siggraph

Press Releases

August 5, 2008

E-on Software to Preview Vue 7 Professional Solutions at Siggraph 2008
August 5, 2008. Beaverton, Oregon: e-on software, makers of Vue, the leading solution for natural 3D environments announced it will be showcasing key new features of its Vue 7 professional solutions (scheduled for release later this year) in Los Angeles, during the Siggraph show, August 12-14, 2008, at booth 1129.

Check out the full article:…%2FPRIndex&date=August%205,%202008


yeah i did a post about it in the cg talk news section.


I hope for the sake of the users, its not rushed out and released without fixing the bugs the way Vue 6 was released.


Can’t wait to see what you can do, but probably only buy it if all the reviews say how amazingly bug-free it is. I imagine I’ll try any beta they release though.


are any of you guys at Siggraph?


I’d love to go, but I’d have to book a last minute flight for more than it’s worth. One of you take a video and put some footage on youtube. :slight_smile:


so, where are animation and renderings?



considering siggraph is starting today and knowing how busy e.on have been going into siggraph i imagine hitting cgtalk and other online venues with renders and animations wont happen in real time as it happens during the show.

not that i would have had anything against e.on putting up a streaming real time feed from it´s booth in hd quality, but we´ll just have to be alittle more patient :slight_smile:


typically companies have canned (rendered) demo animations before they go to any trade show to display the software.


H… e… l… l… o:rolleyes:


yeah i know that dev´s and companies usualy stock up with premade stuff and usualy blog away and in recent years even put´s up live streams, which i would have loved to see e.on do aswell.

But as far as e.on go i did state, “knowing” since i wasnt expecting e.on to show much online activity at forums and such during siggraph and while that´s a shame i do know how busy e.on have been in alot of areas.

It´s a shame as i said but e.on will of course post renders and video´s and such as soon as they can, you can be rest asured of that, but dont get me wrong, i would so have loved to see e.on post away online during siggraph instead of afterwards…


Several notes/observations.

Definitely still beta - crashed not only during presentation, but other oddities on various workstations that it was being shown. But not egregiously so.

Infinite plane & ecosystem looks way cool - so instead of placing a bunch of planes and eco systems, you put one plane and one ecosystem. In practice, it seemed to work quite well. Impressed! Presumably it would not only save on construction, assembling, but produce a better, more seamless result. It’s camera dependent - not sure how Renderman like (Renderman has distance based properties) - this should reduce overall polys required, memory, etc - not sure if its adjusting resolution of meshes at certain distance or not.

It was interesting, the preview renders did seem to be faster than what I’ve experienced (same machine at show and what I use).

Bucket based rendering. Wasn’t implement throughout every build - but many had bucket based rendering which seemed to result in faster renders.

Function editor in clouds, terrain. The function editor that can be accessed in matierals is now available in others areas - in spectral 2 clouds, and terrain meshes. A few more features added too - for instance a fractal noise that is for tweaked for landscapes - worked well in practice.

New parameters for clouds - such as feathering - also a property where clouds can dissipate as camera distance decreases. Clouds in general are rendered better than 6 (which was already pretty darn good).

HD Trees - call them high density, or High Definition - but as camera gets close, they continue to look quite spectacular. In particular, bark, trunk textures look quite good.

Leaves now can have displacement - thus you can curve leaves for more realism.

New water plane allows for waves and foam - displacement mapping technique - foam is also height and object controlled. Looked quite good in practice - though at high displacement (think stormy) there seemed to be issues with resolution on the mesh. But coast lines, boat wakes, etc all looked quite good.

Xstream. Incorporates fully into host app - menus, dialog boxes, and importantly - objects are now the same in viewport of host app as they are in vue - for instance painting eco systems works! I saw this in Cinema at the show - the app I use, and was pretty pleased.

There are other little bits, but these were the main ones I saw and the ones I remembered!


Great job, shetland! Thanks for posting!!!


Cool, better integration… Now hows that plant editor? I wonder


Still waiting for Normal Map support.



I didn’t realise they used Vue for that forest sequence in ILM’s “Indiana Jones And the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” and in Kungfu Panda

Check out the article…%2FPRIndex&date=August%2013,%202008


according to reports from siggraph you are going to have to wait for the next release after V7 - I am hoping that they include it since its so widel supported by other programs - even Poser Pro now supports normal maps.


Heh, I was actually going to mention that about Poser Pro, but the last time I droped the ‘P’ bomb I got treated like I had leperacy! :rolleyes:


what are they waiting to implement a renderman support for this software. it should be a lot better and efficient than any other renderer. renderman is the only one who can render millions of polygons in a minute.


I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.