Vue 7.4 Mac OSX - Test Solution for Stability


I just sent this message off to Vue customer support, I hope it helps someone else that has not had good stability with Vue 7.4 and Mac OSX.

I have had serious crashes with Vue 7.4 including all recent and current updates. The software would freeze and cause the entire OS to freeze up. The only solution had been to turn the computer off and restart it cold. I have seemed to find a solution that has not resulted in a crash in over 2 hours with Vue 7.4 Mac OS. Crashes were common during any terrain function editing and then some would be irregular with no pattern. My solution so far has been to set the program to open using Rosetta. This has so far given my run of tests including prolonged rendering with no crashes at this time. Please forward this information to technicians.

Please post your findings. Hopefully this is a shaft of light in the direction of the current problems with Vue 7.4 stability on Mac systems.

Update: I able to do all kinds of terrain editing, rendering, material editing, full-on ecosystem load and then render with no crashes so far. Anyone try this? Just go to the program icon for the application, right click then click ‘get info’ - then click the box next to ‘open using rosetta’.

I was even finally able to complete quadspinner’s terrain tutorial.


I am not sure what you mean. The “open with” is not there for me following your steps. Also, you should not have to do this anyway. If you check my specs, mine has been just fine with no issues except on a rare occasion it will crash when doing a LARGE scene or lots of clouds in the “atmosphere editor”. I have Vue 7.4, Mac Pro 2008, OS 10.5.8, 10GB RAM, Nvidia 8800GT. There are bugs, but it has been very stable for me as a hole in terms of crashing. Never has it crashed my system fully, just the program.

E-on is having some real issues with Vue on the Mac and their customer service/support it would seem. You can check out the link here too:


If it persists after their software patch for 7.4 and even into 8, I would take the time to write a detailed letter to e-on MAIN HQ and provide your software key in the letter so they know you own it. Then outline all the issues you are having and ask them to please fix it URGENTLY so the Mac will be as stable as the PC version.

I think e-on is going to have to face some tough decisions soon as to rather they want to support the Mac and fix the code before it becomes a complete mess and also re-write in 64 bit like C4D is now or else give up and support just one platform.

Good luck and glad part of it is working out for you finally.



Thanks Jeff, the open using rosetta is not there anymore, I guess it appears if there are issues with a certain application. It was certainly there the other day, but with the update to 10.5.8 - its not there anymore.

I have a late model 2007 Mac Pro. I rerun some tests to see if there are changes with Vue as I was running 10.5.7 yesterday. It also may matter which Vue you are running. I am running Xstream 7.4.

I hope they do a complete rewrite to make it 64 bit, I hope that is the reason for the prolonged issues, they are simply rewriting it from the ground up and only providing current updates to maintain the line.


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