Vue 5 Infinite Computer Setup Question?


I have finaly graduated from the tutorial/demo-thing they cal Vue 4 and I am ready to jump into Vue 5 and do some really impressive stuff.

I am preparing to buy a Computer that will be upgradable, yet powerful enough to run Vue 5 Infinite.

Motherboard: Tyan Thunder K8WE (Already have)
Proccessors: 2x AMD Opteron 244s (Best price/performance value)
Memory: 2GB (4x512 Corsair PC3200 Reg/ECC)
Video: 2x CHAINTECH 6600GTs in SLI

This motherboard will allow me to upgrade to dual-cores in the next two years.

Will this computer be adaquete to run Vue 5 Infinite?


Prepare to upgrade your reading glasses too because the manual is huge :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, I did not specifiy in my post that I am trying to figure out if the computer setup I am preparing to buy will be more than adaquete for work in Vue 5 Infinite.


It’s was a joke. Yes that system is more than adequate, have you not visited e-on’s site to see their recommended specs for running any of their apps?


What Invid said. Tyan is particularly known for stable boards (as opposed to OC friendly), so that will be a plus in any glitches that show up. The video is Nvidia based, which Infinite’s OpenGL implementation seems to favor. What about power supplies? Each of those Chaintech graphic boards can pull upwards of 75watts each (depending on the amount of memory actually on the card). If they have the ‘dust busters’ to cool the chip and memory, you can almost bet you’ll need a dedicated connection to the 12v rail to power the card. Opterons aren’t quite the current hogs that P4’s are, but they aren’t tea-totaller’s either. If you don’t plan on it, you might want to consider a dual power supply, just to ensure you have sufficient power for everything.


Do you really think dual-power supplies are needed? What kind of case/PSU setup would I need. I originally was thinking about the AeroCool SPIRAL GALAXIES case with the Antec TRUE550 EPS12V 550W PSU. I was told that this would be adaquete, but when you mention the fact that each Chaintech vc will be using 75+/- watts, I began to question that decision.

Any ideas, I know this thread is bordering on Hardware/Technical now, but bear with me.


When i remember it right, there was once - and maybe still is - a list of compatible graphic boards on the site of e-on.

I would check that out or ask them first because the OpenGL preview thing is a little sensitive with all versions of Vue. Otherwise you might end without OpenGL in Infinite.


If you are planning to upgrade to the Athlon 64-X2, definitely. The X2 dissipates 110 watts a chip when running full blast (or 55 watts a core; AMD has implemented their Cool & Quiet throttling tech on them, so the clock speed and power consumption varies due to load). For a dualie board, that is 220 watts. The Nvidia 6600 series cards can pull -up to- 75 watts each, depending on the memory; the ones with the huge active cooling fans almost always have DDR-3 memory, which are hot and current hungry. Assuming those Chaintech cards are the most powerful, that’s 370 watts just for the video cards and two chip packages. You still have system ram, hard drives, the rest of the motherboard electronics, and a lot of parasitic resistance in the connectors. That 550 watt supply might be ‘sufficent’, but would be running extremely close to the limit, which is a sure guarantee of an unstable system. And as dependant as modern system components are getting on having a -stable- 12v power feed, you could get a host of symptoms that point to anything -but- the power supply as the culprit. Not to mention that the power supply would probably have a shortened life due to the heat and near constant max load.

Personally, I would recommend dropping the extra $$ and building all that into a Lian Li aluminum case, either the full tower or the caster server case. They are a joy to work in, they have the option of mounting plates for two supplies, all the case hardware is thumbscrew, and they usually throw in replacement faces for a floppy drive and a CD\DVD drive. Plus rolled edges on all the exposed metal, and enough 80mm fan mount points to actually keep the beast cool. I usually get my boxes at


Do you think a single PSU with a rating of 650+ would work? I would like to keep the case that I have chosen, but if needed I will go with dual PSUs and go with another case.


Hm. IF the extra wattage was distributed across all the power rails, I would say so. Just be sure to overbuild whatever cooling scheme you intend to use.

And leave the AC on ‘frostbite’ :slight_smile:

Oh, did I mention that it should run Infinite just fine…?


Thanks guys! Really appreciate it!


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