VSS Vitorez


I’m a beginner modeller and this is a sniper rifle which i loved in STALKER games and wanted to recreate it in 3ds max. here are some shots of the rifle itself. i’m still working on the scope.

I know i should post references as well, but i found it hard to find good quality photos so i was using a lot of pics (some of them were photos of ASG replicas so there may be some diffrences) but majority of them are here:

and here are some wireframes (i know they are crap, but i don’t really know how to make good wireframe renders)

the rifle is about 15k verts at the moment. i wanted to import it to ZBrush to smooth it, add scratches, serial numbers and bake normal maps out of it. But i’m having a problem with subdividing it, because some tris are very big and some are very small. What’s the best way to do the retopology without loosing hard edges?


I’m also a huge Stalker fan. I have played those games to death with every mod I could find… crying shame there will be no more Stalker games.

Your model is looking great, the details look accurate. As far as subdivision to retain edges I would suggest the old methods are the best, simply chamfering all the edges where you want hard edges after smoothing.

I see on your stock it… kind of looks like you deleted a large selection of faces after subdivision (?) and then capped the hole as one face…? Not sure why you did that, it leaves you with very few options now for detailing… If I were you I’d rebuild the stock entirely using good old poly modeling methods to give yourself alot of high-res geometry to detail in ZBrush if that’s what you’re after. Otherwise, time to bust out UVW unwrap and do it with bump maps.


actually, i created the stock with splines converted to patches, because the surfaces were pretty hard to reconstruct otherwise (at last for me :slight_smile: ). but after importing it to zbrush, converting to dynamesh and smoothing it started looking quite good. and when i decimated it to 600 verts it still looked good.

and about STALKER: recently i read that some big game company (can’t remember the name, but it was studio that released some pretty good RPGs) bought the rights to STALKER 2, so maybe there is still hope that the sequel will see the sunlight :slight_smile:


Ah okay I guess that makes sense. So long as ZBrush allows clean deformation over the surface for detailing I suppose it doesn’t really matter HOW you made the geometry.

Great to hear about Stalker 2 lets cross our fingers!

Oh and I apologize for being a spelling Nazi but you did mean to type “Vintorez” in the thread title, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


ah, yes, i misspelled it. actually i’m ashamed i did this after soooooo many hours spent on the web researching this gun, i must have typed its name into google hundred of times :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, i checked and the company i mentioned is bethesda, which made fallout 3 (so they have some experience in creating postapocalyptic, destroyed and abandoned environments :slight_smile: )


Bethesda bought the rights to Stalker?!??


Ok, i finished making the PSO-1 scope, here are some renders:

right now i’ll be editing it in ZBrush, adding textures and details


Scope looks very accurate. Lovin it. I’m assuming you’re gonna smooth off the faceted cylinders.

Man I gotta save up and get a copy of ZBrush one of these days, I’m stuck in the early 2000s with my texturing/surface detailing workflow :stuck_out_tongue:


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