Does anybody have any feedback on VRLA Tech? They’re based in California, seem to specialize in selling refurbished HP workstations (they also sell new workstations, but we’re more interested in the refurbs).

We only use HP workstations direct from HP currently.

VRLA Tech have some pretty powerful, older workstations at a reasonable discount.

I have absolutely no issue with buying certified refurbished equipment from the actual vendors (and we do that now), but I’m a bit worried VRLA Tech may cut costs with inferior components. I noticed the RAM and SSDs only mention capacity, not the brand or model numbers.

If there is a big difference in performance and/or reliability, I would like to know.
We are hoping for responses from people who are actual VRLA Tech customers.

Their EBay store has very positive feedback, but that could be misleading.



I have purchased from VRLA TECH 2 times in the past 3 months, I got a Z840 and it was built to my expectations and I received it within a few days. So I called back a few weeks later and bought another one with a slightly different configuration, that was perfect as well.

I saw them on ebay and called them directly. I was connected with Emil and let him know what I am looking for. He ensured me that he can customize any machine to my liking. He emailed me a quote, which was even cheaper than ebay. I did not have any specifications for components but all inside where brand name.

I used to purchase from HP directly and would spend A LOT more money for the same product- performance and reliability is identical.

I highly recommend them, especially Emil. And I recommend contacting him directly to get an even better price. We mostly communicated through email- emil@vrlatech.com. I only dealt with him and he is the owner so I feel he would be the best contact anyways. I will keep coming back for more!


fulfilment team at VRLA Tech refreshingly deliver great service along with value end to end along the entire purchasing and support process. As a precautionary customer, I become impressed with their responsiveness and knowledge