Vrayedgetex map question



Does anyone know if there is a way not to see back edges/lines while using vrayedgestex map?
I have this map in diffuse and opacity slot however I don’t need these lines that belong to back surfaces that are normally invisible.
I marked some of them in the picture below.
Is it possible?




Not put it in opacity slot would be logical choice.


You have to, otherwise you’d get normal surfaces, not wireframes-like geometry.


:roll_eyes: So, you want to see them or not?


I’ll say it this way - I want to have only an outline of the object, and the rest transparent/not visible.
I don’t want to see wireframe like geometry that is in the back of the object.


Use the double sided material - the native max material, not vray2sidedmtl - with your material as facing material and a completely transparent material on back material.


KaaF, thanks.
I did like You said but it doesn’t seem to work, effect does not change.
Here is the picture.

This is the material I made, Double sided:

  • front it’s vray with vrayedgetex in diffuse and opacity slot.
    -back - vray material with refract set to white, so transparent



Try changing the back material to a standard material with complete opacity, that’s what worked for me.


Tried. the same thing. No change.


Hmm, not sure what’s not working for you, maybe make both materials standard ones?


Don’t know. it’s strange. Everything seems to be the same. I even tried in max 2020. No luck either.
Could You save and send me the your simple scene with the material included?


Kaaf, would it be a problem for You to upload Your scene so I could see the material and this object ?
Maybe I’m missing something.


Ok I did exactly same material but using vray2sided and this one worked for me…
Anyway thanks for these tips, I eventually got what I wanted.