Vray vs Redshift for Ornatrix


I have been using V ray from a long time now and it works great but now i want to use Ornatrix hairs for my characters and Vray is taking ages to render out couple of sec video (10sec takes 24hours ) so I was wondering if redshift is better than vray for Ornatrix I have very huge set and more than 5 millions of polygons. I am using 3Ds max 2016. If any one can help me decide which one i should go for or any Changes I can make in Vray to get nice Speed that would be great help. Vray renders out to quick only if i disable the GI which i dont want to disable…

Any help would be great

Thank you


Wow, 24 hours for 10 seconds doesn’t seem that bad, but I guess that depends on the resolution and stuff in your scene. I typically render about 1-2 minutes of animation a month in 10 sec blocks and on 1 CPU that could take 24-72 hours. However, I use the Amazon EC2 as a render cloud to knock those out in about 6 - 20 hours.

Good luck.


Hey thanks for your reply… I am using HP Zbook to render the animation and its way to slow its taking 24 hours to render out 1 minute file and i need to get 15 to 20 minute episodes every month so i was wondering if theres any wayaround… Also i dont know about the Amazon EC2 can you please explain me little bit more about that.?


Thats some pretty good render times for a laptop.

Have you looked at any render farms online? Rebusfarm I have used for quite a few projects which comes with a fairly easy way to submit jobs (takes about an hour to get yourself up and running and testing a small scene), there’s also some great competition around at the moment to check prices/delivery times.