VRay - THE COMPLETE GUIDE - Now shipping!



i’m very happy to announce the shipping of the first book in the world about VRay.

VRay - THE COMPLETE GUIDE - English version

The English version is ready and right now, many VRay user have already receive the book.
For more info (price, shipping cost, feedback) you can visit the official forum.

Bye :slight_smile:



Sounds like are really complete book, props for the work !


I´ve been waiting for this moment a long time ago…



Very intresting stuff.This is so important to us…Thanks alot .



i’m very happy you like my work.

Bye :slight_smile:



Bon Giorno, Francesco!

I got your book before christmas. Good shipping, good packaging and overall excellent presentation.

I’ve been reading it from the first chapter and I must say that the book is much better than I expected (chapters like colour theory, linear workflow and photography theory are piceless). The book has more samples showing every aspect of the renderer than a High Quality Irr Map!!! :cool:

Impressive work, Francesco. Congratulations.

Thank you very much for your awesome effort, and I wish you a happy new year full of sales and success in everything you do. And of course, I recommend this book to every one.

Thanks & congratz again, Francesco.


This is the best feedback that I read about my “baby”. Thanks ShinChanPu :slight_smile:


You’re welcome!

I’m sure you’ll get a lot of feedback plenty of praises about your “baby”. :slight_smile:


This truly looks like a beautifully crafted volume.A masterpiece of literature.congratulations.
Most CG books these days are softback and printed on cheap paper with B&W images. It’s expensive but looks worth every penny.with the amount of data contained therein and the DVD.And the traditional string binding is a lovely(and practical) touch.

well done sir.:applause:


Thanks musashidan. I’m very happy to see how my book is useful :slight_smile:


Is there anyway of getting the site in english? Having trouble understanding what needs to be filled in where on the purchase form.


Hit the little UK flag a few times :slight_smile:


Tried that… no joy. The waffle about the book is in English, the rest of the site isn’t.

Have you ordered it Matt?


Probably, its pretty expensive (in book terms) but if its usfull then its worth it :slight_smile:

Not sure why its not working for you…use firefox maybe?



mmm...  in our [b][shop](http://www.treddi.com/forum/index.php?autocom=shop&page=list_items&cat_id=16&lang=eng)[/b] you can select the ENG flash, as mushroomgod said. But the forum is in Italian.

If you are a treddi.com user (with registration), you can see, in the lower left corner in the forum, a little drop-down menu to select ENG or ITA. But if you are not register, you can't see this menu. Only you need to register. I know, it's not a good solution, but I hope to solve this problem soon.

You can read some ENG feedback to this address.


best regards


I talk right now this my Admin. In the new version of our forum, this will be possible. Right now, if you want the English drop-down menu, you must to register :slight_smile:




thanks guys, we’ll give that a go :slight_smile:


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