vray speed


I have a 8 core comp mac pro an i have a shot not too crazy some static people an street corner
an for some reason its not rendering as fast i think it should be going.

im getting like 12 min frame on low settings an no gi any ideas on what could be the issue?

scene has about 122265 faces



Can’t really tell from those 2 numbers alone I’m afraid. With such low settings, I’d suspect bad geometry. But there a tons of things that can slow down your render.

First I’d check if the dynamic memory limit is set high enough. Next I’d create a material over ride and test the scene with just white material. If it’s still slow, at least you can narrow down to either geometry or Max tree depth. Run clean up to find non manifold geometry, double check if there’s no geometry on top of each other etc. Also take a look at the Max tree depth number in your output window, see if it needs to be set higher.

sorry I’m sleepy, need to edit a few times, couldn’t think straight :slight_smile:


will do thanks, i know its something dumb holding it up my Dynamic mem is at 8000 still not goin as fast as it should


it took me a while to get good optimized settings for V-Ray but you’ll be much better off by reading something like V-Ray The Complete Guide. It’s for Max but it’s basically the same, especially for the render speed features. BUT it doesn’t cover the Nederhorst workflow, which is what I use most of the time now, since it gives the best balance between speed and realism. Google “Nederhorst settings V-Ray” and watch some videos - that will get you up to speed faster than anything else.


to do the material override id have to apply the extra attribute to each material?


ive been reading those an watching the video all good stuff, just with all the optimized methods jus feels like 12-20 min is a bit high for this shot. gettin close to what i need just wanted to know if there was something im doin out of wack or not


i bumped Dynamic mem to 8k an its moving around where it should be not so laggy


12 minutes a frame is actually not bad for Vray.

I personally can’t go full adaptive in my studio. We have no dedicate render farms and I rely on poor i5 workstations after everyone else leave for the night lol… lowering threshold below 0.01 can really shoot render time up the roof. Naturally, that means lots of sample tweaking, dim distance or even turning off raytrace reflection on as many objects as possible. But even with a lot of tweaking and optimizing, frames that render under 5 minutes on my i7 still need 15 minutes on i5 :frowning:


yea i hear ya maybe jus been a little impatient with it ha as we all can get, jus prepping for some projects coming down the pike, im on the hunt for a render sever to help out as well just priced out a dual 6 core might jus get to help me out might get renders down to 5 ish the AA doesn’t need to be through the roof on what im doing.


oh quick question should all the shaders be Vray as well?


dose the swimming grain have to do with threshold and how low u need to go to reduce it


In your Vray render settings, under Default Displacement and Subdivision make sure the Max Subdivs is set to something low, by default its set to 256 which is incredibly high. If its set to 256 that may be one of the culprit.


Just use Maya render layers. Right click your master layer>apply material override (or whatever it says).

And yes all your materials should be V-ray. IIRC, they calculate faster.


i was lookin into if maya render layer work in conjunction with vray guess it dose great, thanks guys, really appreciate it


Have a read of this,


Highly recommended.


I never use an adaptive amount of 1 - it often leads to artifacts. I’ve seen vlado say that it’s a bad idea to set it to 1.0 as well, probably for that reason. 0.95 is fine but 1.0 will probably get you issues


im trying 8ish an its clearing up the grain a ton


if I use the Nederhorst (BF/LC) workflow, I generally use 0.9 adaptive, 1 min subdivs, 25-30 max subdivs, 0.06 threshold. That’s probably too slow for animation but I do it for illustrations. I use IM/LC sometimes for cleaner vis stuff.


this is what i have and the grain was reduced significantly and the render time are at 15min a frame

min 2
max 30
thersh 0.600

adaptive thresh .010
adaptive min 3
subdiv Mult 1.000


I suggest you lower the AA min to 1 and lower the AA threshold to something like 0.01 and below - you’re tracing a lot of extra rays (the 2 min setting) for nothing and actually getting more noise than you should (the 0.6 AA DMC setting).