vray smooth subdivision


Is there a more efficient way to use the subdivision approximation? I read to turn on the “render viewport subdivision” then turn your default samples down to 8 from 256. It seems to work ok but it almost seems faster to just actually smooth the model twice (the only downside being all those poly loaded into my viewport.


Never rely on viewport subdivision. There’s 2 proper way to do it.

  1. Select your model shape node. In the attribute editor, choose
    Attributes > Vray > Subdivision

Also add Subdivision & Displacement Quality if you want to control the subdivision amount without relying on the global value.

  1. Select as many models as you like.
    Create > Vray > Vray Displacement > Apply Single VrayDisplacement node to selection.

Next, in the Outliner, select that VrayDisplacement node you just create and add Subdivision attribute the same way you did in (1). This way you have a single settings that controls everything under it.

VrayDisplacement node is similar to a selection set - you can middle mouse drag more items into it in the outliner.


So helpful, thanks!


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