Vray Skin Experiment


Just my attempt to achieve a realistic skin via Vray :slight_smile:

Base mesh - XSI, sculpting/texturing -ZBrush/Photoshop, rendering - Vray 1.49

What you think, does it look like realistic?


You bet it does!
Great job!
Looks like a photo.


It looks absolutely great but I would make the scale of the skin (pores and the like) smaller, it looks slightly too big/coarse for the size of the character right now.

You are definitely on to something here!



It looks great!! Do you mind showing me what kind of maps you used. I really need to get an idea of how to make realistic looking skin, just like this! Fantastic job!


hi,hey you img looks imprecive:bounce: ,real skin
congra i like this pic…:thumbsup:


great character and skin ! the lips is great :thumbsup:
is the pore done with a max procedural texture ?


Ha! great! (I don’t want to know what it just ate!)

About the skin - I’d say it depends alot on which type of skin you’re after, what you have now looks a bit like the skin around the knee area of a very pale 50-60 yr old woman - very realistic, but it doesn’t have the subtlety of facial skin yet.

Like Cartesius said, it’s the pore size, and stretching of the pores/ little wrinkles missing.

Nevertheless, totally cool work (also model & render)- going to bookmark the thread for further watching enjoyment!



It looks so real its creepy! I’d love to see you settings, I’m struggling to get a good vray skin.


that, seriously…creeps me out.

great job!


Haha funny work, he really made me laughing :thumbsup:
Nice & scary skin-shader, I like it!



Is he wanting to eat the cameraman or is he just stupid? either way, that is an awesome character model and most definitely a real feeling skin type.



Seriously though, nice shader!


it looks great, Alexey.
-though bumps might be too big, but maybe thats intented.



Hey thanx for crits and comments!
here is my lighting and material setting:

and max8 scene, of coures you can play with it :wink:


woow .vrey nice man


Wooooooooow AlexeyJust Great .:thumbsup:
Best wish for you.

Hamed katebi


Hey man…thanks for sharing :love:


This looks really great!

Have you thought about submitting it to http://www.vray-materials.de/?


Great Job dude. That is the most excellent vray skin example I seen. Kudos and 5 stars.


Awesome, thanks for sharing. I’ll try it out.