VRay Sampling math


I’ve been trying to deeply understand VRay recently, and I came across a specific topic that I didn’t quite get, which is how sampling rays are calculated, all I get so far is in an AA-method like the common “Adaptive Subdiv” it initially put 4 sampling rays, then as the pixel gets sampled over and over, the sampling rays increases by exponent of 4, However. in DMC AA-subdiv and scene subdivs where it uses the term “subdivs” in to represent their sampling, I get that 1 subdiv equals 10 sampling rays (e.g 16 light subdiv = 160 shadow rays), but I came across another topic where it says that subivs is the number of the subdivs set to 2 exponent (8 light subdivs = 64 shadow rays).

I know it sounds stupid to ask for such subtle detail that wouldn’t make a difference anyways as CG artist, but I’m really curious about the whole sampling thing, and if someone can explain how sampling is calculated exactly I’d greatly appreciate it.


Hi after reading your blog I have finally found some knowledge which
I was looking for so long for that reason Thanks.

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