Vray RT - can it render vray proxies?


I notice there is a checkbox in the RT tab of the render globals, however it doesn’t appear to make any difference to whether my proxies are rendered by RT or not, but they don’t seem to render in RT whether it’s checked or not.

They render fine in the main Vray engine. Is this an unimplemented feature or something?

test scene + vrmesh to illustrate my problem http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EY58L7I9


works for me. Try with a nightly build maybe.


Odd. Latest build might be one solution!

If anyone wants to have a try with a test scene + vraymesh that doesn’t work for me, it’s available here. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EY58L7I9


Sorted. Seems they only render in the VFB, not the regular Maya render window.


Hmmm…it should work fine in both.


Just got my new GTX 580, I notice that when GPU rendering with RT that the proxies don’t render at all, anywhere. Render fine when RT is set to CPU.


Hey Richard, did you fix your problem?

I’m having the same issue and I can’t find much information about it. I’m using VRay RT SP1 and a GTX 580 3gb. I can’t render VRayProxies with the GPU (only in CPU mode) and can’t render VRayFur aswell. VRay RT It also disables the GI override (i’m trying to use a HDR image for GI and relections).

I’m using Max 2011, not Maya, but I guess the RT configuration must be similar in both programs.


GPU support for proxies is not in V-Ray 2.0 SP1; it will be added for the SP2 version in December.

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That’s pretty cool !!

It’s always good to hear some words from the man of VRay… It will be also added support for “Enviroment” effects, VrayFur and everything?

VRay RT GPU is getting really mature, I just bought a GTX 580 with 3gb to play with it and the render times are sick, the problem is the lack of support to some features… And memory, of course…

I believe the Max and Maya version are pretty similar, but I’m talking about 3ds Max!

Thanks for the reply!


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