Vray - Reflect environment only - not objects


Hi All,

I’m stumped with a Vray/Max question, hoping someone can point me to the right answer!

I’m creating an underwater scene and using PFlow, rendering out heaps of bubbles that float around and form text titles. It’s looking good, but taking forever to render, because each bubble reflects off thousands of others.

I just want to know, how can I set this up so the bubbles reflect only the environment map and lights, but they dont reflect any other objects that are near them? I’m hoping that by doing this, the scene will still ‘look’ ok, but render time will drastically reduce!

I’ve looked through material and render settings but had no luck so far!


Maybe I need another coffee. :blush:

I selected the Particles, opened object properties and unchecked ‘visible to reflections/refractions’. Seems to be working a treat.


You could also use the “dim reflections” feature in the VRayMtl material to limit the distance of the reflections.

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