Vray Problem. Diff Size Diff Result... Help Pls..


hie guys… even though i’ve been using vray for 2years+, but i nvr really goes into much more deeper and more advance into vray. usually i’ll just use beginer setting, but this is the 1st time i had such funny problem.

anyway, my problem is when rendering my work in 600x600 size is different from the result when i rendering in 4000x4000 size (hi res)

here is the image for my rendered images…

1st 600x600 size

1st 4000x4000 size (already resize, but u can spot the diff)

2nd 600x600 image

2nd 4000x4000 image (resized as well)

as u can see… there are 2 major different… which is reflection and the color…
i’ve no idea whats wrong… but my setting for both low res and high res are the same… nvr change any setting…

can someone enlight me what can cause this to be happen???


here is my vray setting…
not sure if it helps since i use same setting for all size, but hope it helps.
really need to solve this TT.TT


i’ve notice when i adjust the bump value on floor, the reflection value still the same… it will give me different result of reflection as well…
is that meant to be that way??? or there is a bug there???


seriously need help here…
if the information provided are not enough and still need somemore info to verify the problem pls acknowleage me.

still hoping for some feed back on how to solve this problem…

thanks in advance.


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