Vray Next Denoiser



I was wondering of anyone had experience using the vray denoiser for animation. I am trying to use the feature that lets you render the elements required for denoising and then use the standalone tool to denoise. But I keep getting an error saying the required passes are not there. and its not doing the denoise. If i set it to the mode where the denoising is done with the render then it works fine. I read somewhere that i should try saving in the vray format but that didnt work.


warning: worldPositions render element not found.
warning: worldNormals render element not found.
warning: Noise levels render element not found.


I haven’t used this, but the obvious question is have you included those render elements it’s asking for (the three you listed)? It definitely needs that information to perform the denoise, literally can’t do it’s math without it.

If you set it to do with the render, it’s going to include all the elements it needs automatically so it makes sense that would still work.