Vray Multipasser Plugin


I wrote a Plugin with is able to change the post### ids to the correct multipass channels. For this you have to open your C4D file to allow the plugin to read out the renderpath of you scene. Sadly there is no way to get access to the Vray Multipass Manager so you have to check all passes by yourself.

It is nessesary that only the rendered files are in output path!

The open beta runs until 1. August 2014


Version 0.1.2:


2014 06 23 

- If you change the pass order in the vray pass manager the passes won't named correctly!!!

- Sometimes the names went wrong in some pass combination - should be fixed now
- If render single frame avoid indexes numbers. this works only if you got more than 1 frame
- r15 all passes on default enabled, r14 not 
- Self Illummination not self Illumination


New Version:


Has now the ability to load *.mp settings from vray multipass manager. this works also without default pass order


Version 0.2.1:

new in version 0.2.1:

counts passes and gives feedback if a pass is missing.
remove load and preview button ( not nessesary )
old pass id removed from sequence strings
undo and submit only clickable if everything works correctly
undo works now on animation correctly