Vray - Maya: AO (Ambient Occlusion)


Hallo everybody,
I just started to study Vray rendering in Maya and I noticed that in Render Elements are any AO pass (Ambient Occlusion).
I read many post here in CG Tall about it but there are so many solutions (or supposited such…) that I’m just a little in confusion…
Can anyone make a summary of the easiest way to get good AO?
Many thanks!


Create an Extra Tex element, plug a Vray Dirt to it.

Vray dirt can also be connected to many other things such as materials and ambient lights. Try it out.


in render elements window, create vray_extra_tex, go into hypershade, create vray_dirt texture, drag it into texture slot for vray_extra_tex


Many thanks guys!


Hallo everybody,
I created in Render Elements an EXTRA TEX pass but I didn’t understand this second step:

I create in hypershade a suggested VRAY_DIRT but than…
For example, if I have a box created with a simple Vray Mtl, where I’ve to drag

VrayDirt…? In which slot, exactly…?


if you select the vray extra_tex element, it should open up in your attribute editor, expand the extra attributes section and then you can middle drag the vray dirt into the Vray_Texture_Extratex attribute


All right now:

Many thanks!


Check out the other tab right beneath it that says “Extra Vray Attribute”

Both will have the same attributes, but the one below will have a better layout that’s easier to work with.


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