vray mat reflection subdivs based on glossiness



joconnell created an interesting script. you can change the subdivs based on the glossy setting. but it only works for vraymtl. it doesnt work with vraycarpaint,fastsss2,vray hair,…

could we add every vray material inside? and could we have settings glossy 0,9-1,0 , 0,8-0,9 , 0,7 - 0,8 , 0,6-0,7 ,…



This is optimized version of same tool


thank you


gazybara i am trying to change the options vray glossines range from

0,0 to 0,2
0,2 to 0,4
0,4 to 0,6
0,6 to 0,8
0,8 to 1,0


0,0 to 0,2
0,2 to 0,4
0,4 to 0,5
0,5 to 0,6
0,6 to 0,7
0,7 to 0,8
0,8 to 0,9
0,9 to 1

i replaced the text but i get an error.


Try this one :wink:


oh thank you.


i would like to make a second version of the script where i can only change the reflection glossines and not refraction.

i deleted this from the script. :
i: #reflection_subdivs
u: #refraction_subdivs[/u]
(#base_glossiness): #subdivs
(#specular_glossiness): #specular_subdivs
(#flake_glossiness): #flake_subdivs[/i]

setVrayMatSubdivs m prop:#reflection_glossiness glossValsArr:spinVals
setVrayMatSubdivs m prop:#refraction_glossiness glossValsArr:spinVals

i tryed and it only changes the reflection glossines. did i do it correct?


I don’t know but this is the new verion [update v1.1] :wink:


ohh yeees

how can we remove the old .mcr script from max?


First place where you need to look is :
if you use version 2013+
or 2013-
Second plase you can see if you run this line in Listener

getdir #usermacros


interesting. the script was in users/autodesk/3dsmax2013/ …

i got it . thanks