Vray Livingroom, Dan Barbalata (3D)


Title: Vray Livingroom
Name: Dan Barbalata
Country: Romania
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

The scene was bild in 3ds max , in 1 day and
the lighting took another few hours.
5 Vray lights were used and one direct tight

The render took about 2.5 Hours. color correction and minor changes in Photoshop.

>> Hi resolution image <<


wohh. looks pretty nice.good realism. background works great. everything looks good just IMHO the rug is a little so flat. :thumbsup:



Great work , fantastic lightning. I like your interior design, modern colour scheme and material.
Simple and clean :slight_smile:


thenx guys. arona you are right about rhe rug. i used vray displace for the rug, but the displ. value seem to be a little low :).
here is a different camera angle .:slight_smile:


just great. keep good work up.:thumbsup:


The second pic has a better cam angle, more progressive. Any info on the plant?
polycount or build?
Great work!


those 2 plants are just maped planes with opacity map. no 3d model of plants needed, this was just an architectural visualization , no animation :slight_smile:


Cool job! nice just realistic :slight_smile:


This is so real and I also surprised at you did this work in one day + few hours.
Fisrt time I saw this image,I thought that plant is 3D model but it doesn’t!
Amazing work, so good.


nice one dude !

you already know my opinion on this piece :wink:

it seems that the rug thingie was spotted already …

maybe when you will have some time to spare you could done the scene at night time with
the big tv on or maybe with the spots on


cool. Nice feeling and atmosphere. awsome charis and couch.


Very realistic, but very uncomfortable. I wouldn’t ever buy that kind of chairs/couch, the back is just too low. Render = great, place to live in = poor :slight_smile:


Nice job ! Pretty real. Good lighting.


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