Vray Light Material


Hello all,

I have a geometry that we’ve attached a vray light material too. We’ve been rendering without GI for these shots as they aren’t required. We are using Fixed Rate at 8 sub divs with all the vray area lights at 1 sub div for sampling.

When we render, we noticed that most of the noise was coming from the light material. Research tells us that we can’t up sample the light material unless we turn GI on and that the global samples doesn’t really seem to solve the noise issue.

Is there a work around?

Another thing, if we put that into a blend material, it says that it doesn’t work…im confused. anyone has any advice for me?

It also says it doesn’t work with motion blur but it seems to render fine.



are you try to use the mesh light?

In the past i used material light and always I got a lot of noise…cheked GI in the light material the noise almost disappears but i had to up the subdivision in radiance map…

…to the end…i used mesh light :slight_smile:


Hi Kinematics, we have uploaded a v-ray light material which you can download for free.

You can find it here - http://www.vraymaterials.co.uk/product/light-vray-material-3ds-max/

I hope this helps.?


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