Vray keeps on rendering pass after pass


Hi there

I have this weird problem in my default max scene in that when I start a render (even its just scene containg a single sphere) it quickly renders the image but then continues to say it is rendering pass after pass in the render panel. (The render panel being the one with the progress bars that detail “Total Animation” & “Current Task”)

It does about 1200 passes usually and I cant work out how to turn this off.

I typically work from template files and rarely start a scene from scratch after a reset but I would still like to get to the bottom of it.




Are you using a camera? You could check to see if any of the Multi-Pass Effects are enabled.


I have tried with and without a camera but it makes no difference.

Mental Ray does not do it so its something I must have accidentally turned on in Vray.


I think i have worked out what it is.

On the “Image Sampler” Roll Out, i had it set to “Progressive”, if i change it to adaptive the problem goes away.

Any idea what the default setting should be




Progressive is actually now the default (with a fresh scene at least). Setting it to Adaptive will probably take it back to what you expect.


Thanks for your help AJ :slight_smile:


Thanks man, it worked my multipass effect is on, so now after turning it off my render is taking 12 min to 40sec.