Vray for Softimage, reflection


Hi there, I hope there’s someone here active, I started digging trough vray for softimage, and I have a few questions if anyone knows anything about it:

  1. In vraymtl, reflection, there is just a single color slot for reflection intensity. What happens if I want to have a reflection map and still be able to control it’s overall intensity (since controling it with map alone isn’t really precise)? I’m thinking mia_material, there’s a slider for intensity and slot for map, no such think in vraymtl? I need to do it manually in rendertree (insert intesity node between map and input)?

  2. How do I control facing and perpendicular reflectivity? Don’t tell me I need to go back to using incidence for this again? And where would I plug it in anyway if i already have map in the reflection slot? This means I must blend it somewhere in the reflection map branch, probably tie it to intensity, haven’t tried it, just specualting.

Am I missing something? I watched 3ds max tuts on this, they plug falloff into map slot (one of them), doesn’t really look the same in softimage.