Vray for Maya - Texture Baking?


Hey guys :slight_smile:
I am trying to bake textures from a high resolution mesh to a low resolution mesh and I have 2 questions, any reply would be most appreciated.

  1. When I choose Texture Baking beside Baking Engine in the Vray Common tab I don’t seem to have any control over the distance of the rays and so when I bake, unless the low res mesh is very close to the high res mesh I get many black spots in intersecting areas.
    How can I bake the textures properly with deviation?

  2. Is there a way to bake normal maps with Vray as well or do I have to use Mental Ray for that?
    I am looking for a way not only to create a normal map from the high res to the low res mesh but also to have the current normal maps that are already on the high res mesh to also be baked into the new normal map.
    For instance, if I have a high res couch which has wrinkles in its normal map and I want to bake both of the high res information as well as the wrinkles into a low poly mesh.
    Anyone knows of a technique to doing that?

Thanks a lot !


I think it might be easier if you bake Vray meterials to high res, then send the high res to xNormal to transfer everything to low res.


Thanks for the reply, Panupat !
I was kind of hoping to avoid that, I have many objects in the scene and would like to avoid creating UVs for all high res objects as well as doing all that xnormal process considering I’ll be needing to create similar tasks many times in the future as well.


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