Vray for maya, batch render on GPU


This is probably the most noobish thread i’ll ever make, but it’s a problem for me.


I’m a young new, artist in the field of 3D modeling and animation.
I am currently working on allot of projects at the same time. But in every scene I find my self having the same problem.

My main machine has a good video card, and a not that great processor unit.
Since all the renders are running on the CPU, I mostly have to wait hours for a render to be finished. I most commonly use the Vray engine.
My render time could be decreased allot if I were able to render everything, on my GPU.
( This render took my CPU 1 hour and 50 min )

I’ve looked on the internet for render guides to set my render engine to my GPU, however I only found other threads say’n this is already been resolved so many times.

If anyone would please help me find a solution to this issue.

Thanks everyone in advance


I think in this particular instance a good place to start would be to optimize render settings. Cheating the “depth of field” in post would be the fastest way for you.

Realistically with that type of render you could probably get it down to under a minute or several seconds depending on how much you want to do in post production compared to in your 3D scene.

I think two hours is far too high regardless of what CPU you might currently posses.


Ya, the GPU isn’t a silver billet. You should look into using an efficient scheme to render with. That will take some reading and experimentation however.

Otherwise, my V-Ray Tuner script has a batch GPU render feature if you want to try that anyway


Thank you for looking at my issue to start with.

Optimizing my render settings isn’t my best ability in this matter, I’ll look up some good guides to get myself into it.

Doing the depth of field in post would be possible. Since I have allot of elements in various distances of the camera, it would take a long time to get the right amount of DOF on every element. Considering that the animation is 750 frames at it’s current length it didn’t seem that good of an option to me. But if I have to I will, thank you.

Thank you for your response.

(check PC specs down below)
I do think my GPU would do a better job then my CPU, if you wouldn’t mind, i would love to try your v-ray tuner. It sounds like music in my ears.

Thank you both for replying so fast! :applause:

Pc specs:
[li]Os: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
[/li][li]Cpu: Intel Core I3 550 @ 3.20 Ghz
[/li][li]Ram: 4Gb Single-Channel DDR3 @ 401Mhz
[/li][li]Motherboard: AsRock H55M-Le
[/li][li]Gpu: ASUS HD7770-2GD5 Engine Clock: 1020Mhz Memory Clock 4600 Mhz
[/li][li]Hdd: 596Gb Western Digital WDC…

Once more, thank you :bowdown:



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