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Vray for C4D help

Hi there !

Need help for texturing this…

I am working on those Iron Man shaders, but I think I’m far away from what means “realistic render” (view joined image)

My gold material seems good but something goes wrong, and idk what, can you guys tell me maybe what can be improved ?
I think have a poor lightning, how do you guys light your render scene ? I did t it by a simple HDRI dome light but the result isn’t good at all any advice for this would be great !

And for the red material, its not finished at all but idk how to achieve something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlw7-J2ZJVk, any suggests ?

Thanks !


Choose a better hdr and load it in a dome light using an advanced bitmap(this will guarantee you have the correct gamma). The shader in the Youtube video is very simple, just a basic metallic shader with a grunge map for the glossiness.


Using an advanced bitmap ? What is it ?
And any advice on choosing a good hdr ? What kind of image etc ?


Oh forgot my question about the Advanced Bitmap it’s the Vray Advanced Material


The Vray advanced bitmap is not the advanced material, it’s the shader used to load any bitmap in both dome light and materials. Also try tu use the Vray standard material, there’s good chance the old advanced material will not be supported by future version.


Oh you’re right I used and it’s better, now that the lightning is good, any advice on this ?


You can improve the geometry(seems low poly) and add more details on the shaders to give them an aged/used look, you can add scratches and use a curvature or dirt shader. The subject is so simple that even if you make it perfect it will never look interesting, maybe you can try to model everything and insert your character inside a scene;)


Ok so I’m still working but one essential question remains : how to achieve this kind of render ? I know that it’s not simple but I dont even know which way to go to do those kind of material, any suggests ? Thanks !


Those shaders are really basic and honestly they don’t even look that good IMO, most of the look is achieved using a proper lighting, in this image provided by an hdr representing a studio lighting setup with two large soft boxes(you can see that by looking at the chrome sphere on the left).
if you want to get close to that:
-choose a proper hdr or use a basic studio light setup(limbo+ 2 or more large soft box made using area lights)
-for the gold shader use a black diffuse, a gold color in the specular color and a grunge map in the specular glossiness, Fresnel on with an IOR of about 20
-for the red shader do the same and maybe give a darker red in the diffuse
-once you get most of the look then start to add detail like scratches ecc


Thanks again for your reply, much appreciated !


So I come with another update, any feedback ?


You can add more dirt. Material is just too clean.
Check out my ironman materials.
Materials are for c4d native renderer but you can convert them to vray.

See my shaders. https://kraphik3d.com/wordpress/2019/04/16/ironman-materials-for-c4d-helmet-model/