Vray Environment Fog too noisy



I want to put a Vray Environment Fog in my scene but it’s too noisy ! I put it on a gizmo box and configure the light as the vray sun.

Can you help me ? I have tried to change every lines in the box configuration but nothing change in the main scene :confused:


SOrry i have no experience with the environmentfog, but how about running the vray denoiser to fix?


Thx for your eply ! what is the vray denoiser ???



i use it quite a bit. btw if its an animation you should run the denoise after on the rendered files. Warning - this method takes the longest.


Ok thx, it’s not an animation, it’s just a simple image :confused:


Then all you need to do is add the vraydenoiser render element and your’re good to go.


ok ! and is there a special way to set it up?


I tried to use the Vray Denoiser but anything change on my Vray Environment Fog it’s very strange :confused:


hmm maybe its not a supported effect type by the denoiser? Looks like you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way and keep adding samples until the noise dissapears.


Hi Joecoke69, your reply was the good one !! I try with another denoiser in the environment tab and my render is now very good !! Thx to you !!


glad you got it sorted.