vray curvature extremely slow ?


im using the vray curvature to edge wear some paint.
i simply built the material for tests purposes like this :
curvature and a triplanar bitmap into a composite in multiply layers directly into the diffuse slot

and boy that is horribly slow.
with a clay material, its 4min/frame, and with the curvature its 18m/frame.

i had been told curvature were meant to be pretty light on the cpu… was that a lie ?


I advise you to upload an image of the vray configuration and how the material is composed.


there must be something wrong somewhere cos that hasn’t been my experience with it…


so 1st pic is that composite curvature applied to the bump channel
2nd pic is to visualise the curvature into the diffuse channel
3rd is the mat editor. fairly simple stuff

also note the gradient apearing, even that i put a very strong output curve to it. i wanted very sharp thing, and he doesnt want to.

and if i may, there is another bug i dont really understand.
so here is my geometry and my normal map.
in the diffuse slot it works correctly as expected, but into the vray normal slot, there are weird stuff going on.
i rewelded my vertices, tried the smoothgroups, a meshsmooth, a turbosmooth, a tesselate, and they all give slightly different results, but none fix that.
its not the light either. killing/changing the lights just make it stronger or weaker.
but what i cant understand is why the witness cube is wrong. its not even collapsed into a poly.
im not sure its a geometry problem…

edit :
object attached to a brand new cubemakes no difference.
idem for the reset xform